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BRUTALLY FRANK: #COVID19PH Superheroes: Angel, Robredo, & Vico

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By Francis Baraan IV

We are all equally and similarly situated. Whether you are rich, poor, middle class; a billionaire, a prince, or a pauper; a CEO, a mid-level executive, or a janitor. We may be dealing with the traumatic effects of this pandemic individually. But we are all experiencing it together — collectively.

Some may be coping a lot better than others. But nonetheless, we will all be experiencing some form of grief, anger, sadness, and isolation at one point. That’s inevitable. In fact, some may even have experienced them already; others may even be experiencing them now.

But one thing is set in stone, and this I know for certain — we all will come out of this together. Because as one country finds and approves an effective COVID-19 vaccine, other countries will have no choice but to follow suit.

“This too shall pass” is not a cliché — it’s a fact. Nobody knows when. But it will.

Whatever malevolent, malicious, malignant forces may be conspiring to delay the release, concoction, or approval of a vaccine, the funding of test kits, know this: There are already some brave, good public servants, who have already risen to the occasion, stepped up to the plate, and are going above and beyond the call of their duties.

And if history is any indication at all, there will always be more people whom these brave, good public servants will move, empower, inspire, and embolden into participative action.

Here’s the thing, a baby doesn’t recognize the color of the skin of anybody. It smiles back every time someone — anyone — smiles at them — regardless of race, gender, nationality, creed, religion, politics, and melanin count.

If we just all remember that every human being’s default nature is goodness, then, we can eventually muster the courage to stop this evil virus that has gone viral, plaguing us, taking us hostage, and having us all under lockdown.

Evil can go viral. But so can goodness.

No matter how many Psychos and TraPos try to make us forget our humanity, there will always be many Vicos, who will always make us remember.

If nobody in the Gov’t will provide mass testing, somebody else will. If nobody in the Gov’t will provide ayuda, somebody else will. If nobody in the Gov’t will raise funds for frontliners, somebody else will. And if nobody in the Gov’t will provide for a vaccine, by hook or by crook, somebody else will.

Perhaps those two superladies called Leni Robredo and Angel Locsin can.

Because, you know, if I may be brutally frank here — eventually, all CoviD-ictatorships will have to come to an end!

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