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By Manuel L. Morato

There are direct interviews of medical experts re the current COVID19 which has affected the whole world.  Some of the top specialists have complained that they are being “censored” by the media and the only way they can tell the world about the Covid 19 is through interviews via the internet such as video teleconference.

From the start, Coronavirus was said that the virus dies from a 27-degree Celcius temperature.  As the temperature rises in the tropics as well as in other parts of the world, it is expected during these summer months for the COVID 19 virus to die from the hot weather.

Japanese scientists, if I am not mistaken, were the first to discover that the Coronavirus/COVID 19 is airborne; that high temperature can kill the virus.  It was specifically mentioned that 27 degrees can kill the virus.  At this time in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, the temperature has reached 39 to 42 degrees lately.  Extreme heat is being experienced, more so with the recent upsurge, we are currently experiencing.  It also has been said from the start that to protect ourselves, we have to take a lot of liquid to keep our throats wet for the Coronavirus can enter through the mouth and nose primarily when dry.  The eyes have also been mentioned as a possible entry point.

What I am trying to get to is what we have been told from the start.

Now that the rainy season is coming soon, it follows that it good also kill and wash-out the Coronavirus, following the theory that we have been told that the Coronavirus/Covid 19 does not survive in hot temperature over 27 degrees; nor liquid so much so that we have to drink a lot of liquid/water about 3 liters a day.  “The virus survives on the dry throat and dry coughs.”

Indeed, because of the rapid increase of the virus, the world had suffered from confusion, one of which the intubation/ventilation of patients believed to be suffering from COVID 19 and were placed in the ICU.

For not knowing the proper treatment and procedures at the start of the pandemic, many hospitals ventured on intubation/ventilation now being said by experts killed more patients because of the tremendous pressured pumped unto already compromised lungs.  The pressure caused other organs such as the heart to suffer from “coronary thrombosis.”

In the, hosted by Christina Agnayo, Dr. Judy Mikovits said that   “vaccines can cause influenza and spread from human to human… exploding the fire of immunity, the vaccine itself can cause rapid death.”

From what the Philippines had experienced some years back with the so-called Dengvaxia vaccine, the Filipinos feared said vaccine said to be “on trial,” or on experimental stage in a few countries of the world.

If I may be allowed to ask the question why those who live on well ventilated towns and cities one of which is Baguio City, the spread of the Covid 19 has been few and controllable; or none at all in some areas in the Mountain Province and Benguet.

It was said by Dr. Erickson of California that from the day we are born, we start accumulating the millions of viruses that make us immune to them.  Kaya siguro itong mga “pasaway” (incorrigible) are not too affected for they’ve dealt with so many people with viruses from which they have acquired some form of immunity.  That’s one theory expounded by Dr. Erickson and co-doctors.

Top U.S. Doctor-specialists, Dr. Shiva and Dr. Buttar, two of the top 50 medical doctors of America said many things we are not told about.  They have been “censored by the media.”

Filmmaker, Nikki Willis, hosted and interviewed Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD, Molecular Biologists/Virologist/Medical Researcher.

Just watch the video teleconference of the outstanding medical doctors and maybe we can learn something from them.

As I gathered from these outstanding American doctors who have been “censored by the Media” in the U.S. according to them that they have to resort to video teleconference to get their message through, but are later removed.

According to Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD, a molecular biologist/medical researcher and a virologist: “Why would you close the beach when you have sequences in the soil, in the sand.  You have healing microbes in the ocean and in the saltwater.  It’s insanity.”

Ingat lang po tayo at baka magpuntahan dito ‘yong mga turista na may mga sakit ng Covid 19 para dito sa ating mga beaches magpagaling.  Baka magkalat na naman dito ng Covid 19.  Ang ating mga kababayan ang dapat nauuna.

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