Health workers get support from #ProtectTheFrontline movement

Health workers get support from #ProtectTheFrontline movement


As the number of COVID19 patients grows every day and uncertainty about the conditions of health workers who are attending to the patients, Neurologist Dr. Alvin Layog and public health specialist Dr. Jason Ligot started getting worried about colleagues and friends in the frontline.

They shared their observation on how their friends’ morale was greatly affected and this prompted them to do something to pay them a tribute through a video.

“Many of them are friends and classmates…It was a way for us to be with them in the frontlines. They have every reason to be scared. Their exposure to COVID-19 patients puts them at risk,” Ligot said.

When the number of cases in Metro Manila reached alarming levels and they saw pictures and heard stories from their friends, the realization stunned them. Their profession is under siege and the pandemic is finally and undeniably here.

“The stories from the frontlines are heartbreaking. A pregnant emergency room doctor was classified as a person under investigation after one of the patients tested positive. She has two toddlers. Can you imagine the emotional turmoil? The sense of dread just imagining what could happen to your unborn child, wondering if you passed it on to your toddlers and husband, the long two-week wait to see if you manifest the symptoms—that’s intense. And that is just one of the many stories out there,” Layog said.

As days passed, the toll on the frontliners weighed more and more. Face masks were already scarce before COVID-19, now it’s even rarer. It’s not just the face masks, but also alcohol, gloves, and sanitizers were running out and so was protective personal equipment.

Their friends were already worn out by work and worry. They are also well aware of the odds they are up against but it hadn’t stopped them. They show up every time and do the job.

The video was meant to pay them tribute for their heroic dedication as one after another gets sidelined. The video turned into a hashtag and a campaign soon began.

ProtectTheFrontline rallies support for health workers who, at one point or another, will eventually find themselves in the frontline. It is a platform to organize the giving in order to make it sustainable. As they put their lives on the line every day, what can you do to help?

It can be as simple as staying home; heeding their appeal to keep a safe distance to avoid contracting the disease; going into self-quarantine should you exhibit symptoms and not rush to the hospital if the symptoms are not severe; or not hoarding on face masks and other supplies because others need it more.

Can you spare them your stash of N95 masks or disinfectants? Plastic boots? A word of thanks? Anything. If you have any ideas that you think can help, do them. And if you want to help, please go to or FB: @protectthefrontlineph, TW: @Protecttheline.

Be safe. Stay safe. #ProtectTheFrontline

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