Philippines’ new Fire Alarm Systems now in the market

Philippines’ new Fire Alarm Systems now in the market
Jeffrey Estrella, President of Honeywell Philippines with the latest Fire Alarm Systems introduced to the Philippines. Honeywell Morley-IAS STX and SMX Photo from Ardent Communication

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) introduced today the Honeywell Morley-IAS STX and SMX Addressable Fire Alarm Systems. The new models are UL-listed and designed create cost savings and maximize productivity, especially for small- to medium-sized businesses.

The Morley-IAS STX and SMX models fire alarm control panels include a range of one-, two-, and four-loop, and can support up to 159 detectors and 39 modules per loop (or up to 636 detectors and 156 modules with the four-loop panel). Complex configuration is made easy using the SmartConfig™ mobile and PC application through Bluetooth, which can help reduce commissioning time up to 75%. Users can configure the systems anytime, anywhere, remotely and sync via USB, to upload the data to the panel, thus eliminating the need to carry laptops and tools to the site. It is suitable for installers and end-users who are looking for a solution that is simple, smart, secure. The panels also come with an offline configuration feature.

The compact, high-performance, feature-rich, fire alarm systems are designed to comply with the latest codes and industry safety standards in fire protection (UL 864 10th edition).

“Reliability with simplicity is an important combination when it comes to keeping people and places safe,” said Jeffrey Estrella, President of Honeywell Philippines. “Morley-IAS STX and SMX models feature the right balance of value, performance, quality, reliability, and easy maintenance for a wide range of applications, specifically for small to medium businesses. We worked to design systems that are easy to install and use with a lower cost of ownership that also require less dependence on technical installers without sacrificing safety.”

For more than 20 years, Morley-IAS has developed fire detection systems for a wide variety of applications, from simple non-addressable products to intelligent addressable systems suitable for a variety of sectors. It has a strong global network of fully trained and accredited distributors and regional support operations in every continent. It is committed to the highest standards of service and product quality, with operations accredited to ISO 9001 and products that meet international approvals, including UL and FM, as well as local legislation worldwide.

(Press release/Ardent Communications)

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