‘Wow! Taiwan’ exhibit debuts in PH amid improving lifestyle of Filipinos

‘Wow! Taiwan’ exhibit debuts in PH amid improving lifestyle of Filipinos
Taiwanese entrepreneurs with Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines Director Chang Wen Chong (wearing red tie) at the opening of the 'Wow! Taiwan' Exhibit held last August 22 at the City Garden Grand Hotel Makati City. )Photo By Monsi A. Serrano/THEPHILBIZNEWS)

Text and photo by Monsi A. Serrano

Taiwan, emerging as one of the most promising innovation and startup hubs in Asia, has long been home to some of the most groundbreaking and innovative brands in the region and they’re now targeting the Philippine market amid the improving lifestyle of Filipinos.

It was only fitting that its recent exhibit, showcasing the best of Taiwanese product innovation at the City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati City, was named “Wow! Taiwan.”

With strong influence from Japan, Taiwan’s products are evident of its competitive edge and is now capitalizing on that reputation by proactively introducing their groundbreaking brands globally.  

The Wow! Taiwan exhibition was brought to the Philippines by Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BOFT-MOEA) and Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) in partnership with CRIF Asia, with the objective of bridging Taiwan’s leading enterprises to Philippine companies and consumers.

Interviewed by THEPHILBIZNEWS, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines Director Chang Wen Chong said he was confident that this first exhibit would pave way for a good business relationship between the Philippines and Taiwan.

“The Philippine market has a big potential, in fact, I see the growing number of Filipino entrepreneurs looking for opportunities. We are happy that the Wow! Taiwan is warmly welcomed by the Filipino people. And for your information, these products being showcased now in the Philippine local market would really be a good chance for Taiwanese and Filipinos to collaborate with trade relationship. Right now, we are bringing new innovative products from Taiwan, sooner or later, Filipinos can work with their Taiwanese business partners to promote Philippine products to Taiwan,” said Chang.

When asked if there are already Filipino products in Taiwan, Chong replied: “Yes. There are Filipino foods already. Taiwan and Philippines have a very good trade relationship. Not only that, Taiwan welcomes Filipinos with open arms by waiving the visa for Filipinos with an end in mind for Filipinos to experience Taiwan, appreciate the culture and collaborate.”

The TECO Director emphasized that enterprising and innovative Taiwanese are introducing products with certainty in quality. Asked how their prices would fare in the Philippine market, he said: “And for the price range and target market are the middle to higher-end market. We want to bring highly-competitive price products. Based on our study, the Filipinos’ purchasing power is increasing and this led the Taiwanese entrepreneurs to explore Philippines and brought Wow! Taiwan.”

Meanwhile, during the brief media briefing, Tammy Ting, department manager for the Research Department of Marketing and Consumption Behavior of Commerce Development Research Institute of Taiwan, said through her interpreter that the reason they look at the Philippines as a good market is the continuing improvement of the lifestyle of Filipinos.

Speaking to THEPHILBIZNEWS, she said: “Right now, we are here to introduce innovative and quality products from our Taiwanese entrepreneurs. But certainly, in the process, this would lead to a mutually beneficial partnership with Philippines and Taiwan.”

The Wow! Taiwan exhibitors that drew a lot of interest from Filipinos were from XYZprinting Inc., Brinno Incorporation, HiMirror Mini, Master Mi, Carnation, Yumark, FECA, Kid2Youth, Washcan, Jye Li An, Bung Cheng, Shuter Enterprise Co. Ltd., Hong Jay Food Co. LTD, Food, and Chung-Hsiang Foods.

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