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National Dengue Alert

Our people are in great risk again, nationwide, due to the Dengue epidemic that has already infected over a hundred thousand children and adults.

It has been very costly for the families aside from the tragedy and sadness the families of the victims are going through. We cannot even imagine the sufferings of the families who have lost their loved ones and are in great difficulty financially.

I have always said when I was still Chairman of PCSO under President Ramos and one of the directors during President Gloria Arroyo’s administration that one of the main causes of poverty in the country comes from the lack of medical services to the indigents who can hardly make ends meet. Pag may isang nagkasakit sa isang miyembro ng pamilya, bibigat ang kanilang buhay pati ang kinabukasan.

It is common knowledge in the PCSO what we did during the dengue epidemic that hit the country in 2008, 09, 10, 11 and 12. Dengue went up gradually to almost uncontrollable proportion. The dengue virus infected our people by the hundreds of thousands. Nobody seems to know anymore what to do and how to control the dengue virus that spread like wildfire practically nationwide.

The PCSO during the term of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo went to the rescue and gave away Transfer Factor for free. The PCSO had tried and tested Transfer Factor to be very effective in boosting the immune system specifically, the Natural Killer (NK) cell activity. In fact, “the enhanced Transfer Factor Plus boosted NK cell activity by 248% above normal immune response.” When President Gloria stepped down from office in June 2010, the new appointees to the PCSO stopped giving “Transfer Factor” to the poor sick people that needed Transfer Factor.

What exactly are Transfer Factors? “Transfer Factors are small proteins that act as vital immune factors, brought to us directly from Mother Nature. They are not vitamins, minerals, herbs, hormones, or foods. They are however, as explained by William J. Hennen, Ph. D.: “highly concentrated immune messaging systems, designed by nature to transfer critical immune programming from one individual to another.”

During the term of President Gloria, the PCSO had embarked in the distribution of Transfer Factor nationwide including those stricken with cancer who needed chemotherapy but are in very remote areas where there are no hospitals, nor equipment – and possibly, no doctors as well to avail of any form of medical assistance.

Transfer Factor is very effective in killing cancer cells through its T-cells extracted from cow’s milk that kill the bad cells, not the good cells in the body. To extract the T-cells from the cow’s milk took Dr. Lawrence together with many scientists from other countries around the world 50 years from 1949 to capture the T-cells to capsule form. That was in 1999. In 2000, Dr. Lawrence passed away as if he only lived to accomplish his miracle cure and his lifetime mission.

In 2008 and part of 2010, my co-host in the “Dial M” TV program Maggie de la Riva and I, dedicated much of our one-hour program, in helping the victims of dengue nationwide. We gave away 12 capsules for free to a caller whose member of the family had dengue and was costing them a big sum of money.

The 12 capsules taken in 2 days helped the dengue patients and they were able to get out of the hospitals. The blood level normalized from cases as low as 27,000 back to 140,000 in 2 days. Fever also normalized. All for about 600 pesos at about 54 pesos per capsule at the time. But Maggie and I never charged, including the mailing expenses. The distributor of Transfer Factor gave everything for free.

How many lives were saved from such a gesture of love and concern towards our fellowmen. If only the PCSO can embark on giving Transfer Factor to patients, PCSO can save so many lives, especially those who cannot be admitted to the hospital right away.

I can almost say that Transfer Factor is something God-given. It contains no chemical that we even advised the patients to continue taking what the doctors are giving them in terms of medication. Transfer Factor can be taken together for as a matter of fact, it enhances the pharmaceutical products and not conflict with it.

Many doctors are into it quietly. Why not? It’s organic and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) all over the world, including the Philippines; although in the Philippines, I believe, there is a law that all organic “medicines” (if I may call it so) must be labelled “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” while other countries have no such “label” required once approved by the FDA.

I use Transfer Factor for maintenance as well as other friends who are familiar with it including those in the PCSO who witnessed the good that it can do to the sick people they helped during those days.

If you want to learn more about it, please google

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