Oxford Business Group launches Inaugural Investment Challenge with AGSB Students

Patrick Cook, Regional Editor for Asia of the Oxford Business Group, speaks at the launch of the Investment Challenge with the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. (Photo courtesy of Ardent Communications, Inc.)

Oxford Business Group launches Inaugural Investment Challenge with AGSB Students

Oxford Business Group (OBG) has made its extensive range of research tools available to students at Ateneo Graduate School of Business (AGSB) who are taking part in a five-week Investment Challenge.

The challenge was organized by OBG and AGSB with the aim of encouraging students to identify promising opportunities for foreign direct investment. Participants were set the task of providing a detailed answer to a question about investing in emerging economies on July 8 and must submit their answers by August 9. A range of prizes is being offered to winners which includes: a complimentary subscription to OBG’s resources; a tuition rebate; free parking at the university; and priority enrolment.

To complete the challenge, students are required to answer the question: “Assuming you possessed the required resources, of all the markets covered by OBG reports, in which country and sector do you identify the most promising opportunity for FDI to generate sustainable and lucrative ROI over the next 10 years?”

Under the rules, participants can focus on any industry or sector of the economy but must choose a market other than the Philippines to analyze.

Details of the challenge and OBG’s resources were relayed to students at a launch event on July 8, during which Patrick Cooke, OBG’s Regional Editor for Asia, delivered a talk on ‘unleashing entrepreneurship in the emerging world’.

Commenting after the launch event, Cooke said that the Investment Challenge was a creative and timely way of encouraging students to explore the diverse range of openings in emerging markets beyond the Philippines.

“The current global investment landscape requires business leaders to adopt an outward-looking approach when seeking untapped opportunities, while efforts to strengthen regional economic integration and trade linkages are gaining momentum,” he said. “Many of the students that have signed up for this initiative today will number among the entrepreneurs and executives of tomorrow. I’m delighted that we have been able to support them in this challenge by giving them access to our extensive range of research tools and we wish them luck, both in the coming weeks and beyond.”

The winners of the Investment Challenge will be announced on August 17. (Press Release/Ardent Communications, Inc.)


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