PH Animated Series Project Makes It to Animation Workshop in Spain

Top photos" Scenes from "Alphabesties" (Photos from Toast & Brew Studios' website), and Photo from BTG Animation Lab's YouTube video

PH Animated Series Project Makes It to Animation Workshop in Spain

The Bridging the Gap Animation Lab is a partner program of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) that exposes emerging animators from the Philippines and gives them the chance to meet and network with influential international professionals and decision-makers in the animation industry. BTG’s Animation Lab also aims to strengthen and promote animation projects from around the world and facilitate international collaboration and networks.

Through FDCP’s International Film Studies Assistance Program (IFSAP), the “Alphabesties” staff and crew will be granted assistance through travel support and stipend.

“Our animators have word-class talent, and we are honored that BTG recognized the potential of a Filipino animation project among the almost a hundred projects they’ve received from all over the world,” said FDCP Chairperson and CEO Mary Liza Diño. “We take various initiatives to further empower the local animation sector to pave the way for our animators to produce IP content with stories that they can truly they call their own,” she added.

On BTG’s last two editions, FDCP has provided support to animated projects “Anito” by John Aurthur Mercader and “You Son of a Bitch!” by David Liongoren.

For this year, a total of 13 projects selected for BTG’s Animation Lab are feature films and TV series from the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Chile.

Fifteen (15) directors and producers will be mentored by international experts to strengthen their projects and their industry strategy for seven (7) days in Tenerife, Spain. They will undergo training activities and receive networking and advice on script, production, distribution, pitching, character design, and new business models, among others.

Each participant will also have the opportunity to receive private consultations and to present their projects to industry professionals and decision-makers. (PR/FDCP Media Desk)


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