Latest technologies, trends fly at Asia EComm Summit 2019

Photos: From left: Former Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima and WILCON SVP and COO Rosemarie Ong Presenters answer questions from the participants during the Asia Ecomm Summit 2019 Photos By Jay Luna/THEPHILBIZNEWS

Latest technologies, trends
fly at Asia EComm Summit 2019

Text, photo, and video by Jay Luna

In efforts to discover and share the latest technology, trends, and possibilities across the entire E-commerce spectrum, the Asia CEO Events successfully staged the “Asia EComm Summit 2019” at the Marriott Hotel in Manila today, June 19, 2019.

As the e-commerce industry faces various challenges due to its fast growth in the past and coming years, the event serves as an effective venue for industry leaders and newcomers to discuss and share their experiences. The goal is to formulate operative approaches to overcome these challenges.

“(The) Asia E-comm Summit is an opportunity to really market business, retail, banking and finance, logistics and everything online. It is so beautiful that all people across the industry meet together here to share their expertise and learn from one another,” said Rebecca Bustamante, president of Asia CEO Events which organized the event.

The event functions as an activist to promote the activities of local and multinational organizations across Southeast Asia. It is the largest regular business forum in the country and considered one of the most important in the Asia Pacific region.

Events are organized by an alliance of Filipino and international business people with a mission to promote Philippines as a premier business destination to global decision makers, said Bustamante.

At present, different companies are finding whole new revenue sources and dramatically reduced costs with e-commerce while others are being hit hard in ways they never imagined and fighting for their lives.

Included in the e-commerce industry are retail, logistics, finance, tourism, real estate, food, pharma, power, accounting, law, human resources and direct selling.

Even businesses like weddings, funerals, and farming are changing forever as people go direct and create more options.

During the presentations, it was learned that customers nowadays want more choices, lower prices and personal delivery. Most of them resort to online shopping because they are sick of the hassles of paper forms, traveling to shops, queueing at the cashiers as well as poor customer service.

The rising middle class, high consumer spending, and a young and vibrant, tech-savvy population are driving e-commerce forward by leaps and bounds.

In his presentation, Samuel Jeanblanc, Lead Market of Google Philippines said that out of the 107 million Filipinos, 76 million use the internet. This is tantamount to 70 hours of internet usage per week. Eighty three per cent of the total population of the country used mobile gadgets where 65 per cent buy products based on digital influence.

Also part of the roster of presenters were Cesar Purisima, former Department of Finance secretary;  Manoj Menon, founder and CEO of Twimbit; Zdenek Jankovsky, treasure and chief business development officer of Home Credit Philippines; Hans Sicat, CEO ING bank; Rosemarie Ong, SVP and COO of Wilcon; Dann de Guzman, CEO of CloudSwyft; Ed Pasion, VP for retail of Unioil Phls; Judah Hirsch,founder and CEO of Salarium; Miguel Warren, regional head southeast Asia Payoneer; Roche Vandenberghe, marketing head of FWD life insurance; Martin Yu, associate director-country head of Shopee; and David Almirol Jr., CEO and founder of Multisys Technologies.



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