Oxford Business Group retains new Regional Director for Asia

Oxford Business Group retains new Regional Director for Asia
Oxford Business Group new Regional Director for Asia, Ms. Maria Meroño

Senior role marks return to region for Maria Meroño

Oxford Business Group (OBG) has assigned Maria Meroño to the position of Regional Director for Asia. In her new role, Meroño will oversee a broad range of projects in the many markets that OBG covers across the region.

The move marks a return to Asia for Meroño who previously spent almost three years in Indonesia and other countries in the ASEAN bloc, where she played a pivotal part in helping the firm to expand its operations there.

Since joining OBG 12 years ago, Meroño has built up a wealth of experience in emerging markets, having worked across Asia, the Middle East, Africa and The Americas. Most recently she held the position of Regional Director of the Americas where she ensured OBG cemented its position in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, while extending its reach into new markets that included Argentina.

Meroño has a Master’s from ESADE Business and Law School in Spain. Before that she studied Business Administration at both Maastricht University and Carlos III University in Spain.

Polina Virr, OBG’s newly appointed Managing Director and previously Regional Director for Asia, said Meroño’s experience of working in emerging markets at various stages of development, combined with her involvement in OBG’s expansion over the years, meant she was extremely well placed to take on her new post.

“These are significant times for Asia’s economies, especially the ASEAN bloc, which is working towards closer economic integration and trade linkages,” she said. “I’m delighted that we will benefit from Maria’s knowledge of these countries – their workings, growth stories and plans for the future – as we step up our coverage of the region.”

Meroño said she was thrilled to be returning to Asia and playing a part in the next chapter of OBG’s operations there. “Investor confidence remains high in many of the region’s markets, despite external pressures, buoyed by the expectation of high returns,” he said. “I look forward to meeting the people that are driving the transformation of this exciting region and ensuring that the many investment opportunities emerging across the markets we cover reach a global audience.”


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