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ECCP boasts their program for Women in Business Committee

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ECCP boasts their program for Women in Business Committee
By Monsi A. Serrano

The European Chamber of  Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) Women in Business Committee successfully organized the Wine and Wellness Night last March 14, from 4:30-9PM at the Spaces, 29th Floor, World Plaza Building, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

Attended by women coming from various industries who are entrepreneurs, executives and young managers from different companies. It was a fun-filled and educational night for those who attended as there were lectures given on Empowerment as a Leader. Health and Wellness, and Wealth Management.

Dr. Amal Makihoufi Benchouk, Country Chair of Sanofi shared her experience in the Philippines as empowered woman leader. That more in power comes responsibility and also the need to empower people in your team.

While she is a doctor by profession, she was able to lead the Sanofi Philippines in the midst of the challenges. To be focus and stay committed to saves millions of lives and make life easier for those who have health challenges.

Meanwhile, Dr. Marian Alonzo, the Medical Chief of The Farm at San Benito who specializes in Integrative Medicine gave important points on how to manage one’s health and stress in the midst of busy schedule. She also shared on how to harmonize the energy flows to the different internal organs that would prevent lifestyle illnesses, autoimmune diseases, pre-psychiatric mental emotional concerns, recovery from trauma and chronic pain management.

Apart from that, she demonstrated some exercises that can be done even in the workplace during free time or whenever one needs it which would be very beneficial not just to women on the go but also to all working people.

“The need to slow down and find time to relax is very important in one’s life, whether you are single or have your own family”, Dr. Alonzo noted.

“This is the reason why we have to find time to slowdown, enjoy the nature, exercise and even go out of town with our family or loved ones”, the Medical Chief of The Farm at San Benito added.

“When we don’t get the right balance in our life, that is when illness strikes us. Taking time to beat the humdrum of Metro Manila and spending time with nature will give us the breather we need. We detoxify our body and mind, and this is also why The Farm at San Benito came into being, to provide the venue for those who want to have a break from toxic life”, Dr. Alonzo reminded.

On Wealth Management side, April Lynn Tan, Financial Advisor and Inquirer columnist shared here personal experience which she teaches to her children about financial management.

She taught the attendees the importance of buying what you need and not what you want, as well as the value of saving some money and spend only within your means as this would pave way to a bigger savings for one’s future.

Apart from saving money from salary, she also gave valuable pointers on investing in properties and back to the basic in terms of wants.

It is interesting to note that the notion of buying expensive bags as form of “investment” commonly perceived by women is not true contrary to common belief. Bags are resold lesser than the acquisition cost, according to April.

She also shared her belief until she realized that selling her pre-owned bag even if expensive or branded will never be higher than what you paid for. With her experience, it taught her one important lesson, that is to go back to basic and start saving for one’s future.

Traveling while young and when have enough saving is also good, and one should not deprive herself of this opportunity as what most financial advisors would say, when will you enjoy the fruit of your labor.

The night was celebrated with breaking of bread, overflowing wine and raffles of exciting prizes. This also gave everyone the opportunity to meet new friends and hopefully bring in more collaboration.

The European Chamber of  Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) regularly conducts various activities and seminars, for more details visit or visit the Facebook Official Page at


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