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Philippine Suppliers and Manufacturers Exhibition 2019 to kick off on March 27

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Philippine Suppliers and Manufacturers Exhibition 2019 to kick off on March 27
By Monsi A. Serrano Photo

Get ready for the heat of the summer heat, as the first and the hottest international event, the Philippine Suppliers and Manufacturers Exhibition 2019 (PSMEx 2019) is scheduled from March 27-30, 2019 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

PSMEx with a theme “Make in the Philippines” is an event for both local and international business created to bring under one roof the whole business platform that would certainly be beneficial to suppliers, distributors and end-users.

“Bringing all them together would save both the buyers, suppliers and manufacturers their precious time”, according to Dennis Chan, President of Aerospace Industry Association  of the Philippines ((AIAP) during the media briefing about the upcoming event wherein one of the major industries that is participating is the Aerospace industry.

While the convenor comes from the Aerospace industry, there are also other industries that are taking part of the said event from Automotive, Electronics and Motorcycle.

“The Philippines and Filipinos have so much to offer, gathering them all would make our manufacturing industries even in the food and other products done in the Philippines. We call it “Make in the Philippines” because we do not wish them to source the materials and labor outside.  The Filipinos go beyond speaking good English. We are talented, diligent and fast learners”, Chan explained.

“So when the international community find out that we have everything in the Philippines to start their business such as manufacturing, then they will be enticed to invest. This is also an opportunity to the government to see how they can help in strengthening our manufacturing industry than sourcing what we need from other countries”, the convenor of PSMEx added.

“Our ASEAN neighbors like Vietnam and Thailand have overtaken us and have been bringing in a lot of investors in their country, by offering something attractive to the investors. Intel used to be in the Philippines, but now they are in Vietnam because they got an offer that they cannot refuse such a tax incentive, land where they can use and many more”, the AIAP Chief said.

“That is the reason why the concept and theme “Make in the Philippines” came into being because it is intended to reverse trade fair, encourage B2B and showcase to the world that the Philippines is a supply haven that would pave way to the globally competitiveness of the Filipinos and being ready to face the universal challenges and learn other’s best practices”, Chan said in closing.

PSMEx is more than just showcasing the technologies and products that the Philippines and other suppliers have. It has also several sessions on technical seminars, trainings and other exciting activities. Lastly, with this international exhibition, the PSMEx will showcase Philippines’ global competency and capability to make products in the Philippines and also offer our services to the world.

This first and exciting event is organized by the Aerospace Industry Association  of the Philippines.

The Philippine Business and News supports and recommends this event and the official media partner of PSMEx 2019.

For exhibitors and other inquiry about the event, please contact MAI (Market Access and Innovations) Events Management Philippines at +6328651481, 6328651469, +6328469532 or e-mail






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