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Shangri-La Plaza rolls out the “Red Carpet” for 2019 for the 13th Chinese Spring Filmfest

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As we welcome 2019, Shangri-La Plaza steers one of the most acclaimed festivals in the Chinese-Filipino community, The 13th Spring Film Festival.

This project would certainly foster a better and deeper understanding of the Filipinos about the Chinese culture. It is presented in cooperation with the Ateneo Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies and Ateneo Celadon and all the six admired titles from the Chinese film industry.

Starting January 30 till February 5, guests of Shangri-La Mall can watch these movies free of charge at the new Red Carpet, 6th Floor Shangri-La Plaza.

The filmfest will open on January 30 with the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival Best Film winner, I Belonged To You, which depicts the intersecting lives of different people as they find love in the big city. Centering on a radio host and his young intern, the film features a memorable plotline and gorgeous shots of urban life.

While Lost in White is a gripping crime thriller sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. When a dead body is pulled out of an icy river, detectives Zhou Peng and Wang Hao must get to the bottom of the mystery. Little do they know that they’re about to descend into a spiral of intrigue and violence.

In Detective Chinatown, a police college reject teams up with a distant relative to solve a murder case. Brimming with absurdity and humor, the movie takes viewers through a wild tour of Bangkok, filled with zany characters and cheeky one-liners.

The Third Way of Love tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers: sharp and mysterious heir Lin Qi Zheng and ambitious, intelligent lawyer Zhou Yu. Played by two powerhouse movie stars—heartthrob Song Seung-Heon and the beloved Liu Yifei (who will be playing in the title role of Disney’s upcoming Mulan), this lighthearted romance was one of 2015’s most popular Chinese films.

Ending the festival with a big bang is A Tale of Three Cities, a romantic period piece about the lives of Charles and Lee-Lee Chan, parents of Jackie Chan. After meeting in China during the war, falling in love, then getting separated by the turmoil, they must find their way back together again.

In the interview of The Philippine Business and News to Miss Lala Fojas, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Shangri-La Plaza, and Dr. Rosita “Rosie” Leong, wife of Ricardo Leong of the Center for Chinese Studies advocate of Chinese culture, and advocates of Chinese culture during the media and press screening, both shared their valuable insight on why this kind 0f activity is being done.

According to Miss Fojas, Shangri-La Mall supports this noble endeavor annually because “even we are from different race, culture and values, this kind of activity especially in the digital age, would break the barrier and encourage respect and understanding of the different culture. Respect and appreciation are very important to have harmonious relationship.”

This was duly acknowledged by Dr. Leong when she said, “We need to bridge the gap and mend the misunderstanding between Filipino, Chinoys (Chinese-Filipino or Filipino-Chinese), and even Chinese. We are all living in one country, and we must accept and respect the difference in order to promote synergy and unity for our country’s sake and of our respect family and avoid biases against each other.”

To fortify the celebration of Chinese culture, and as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, the Shang will also be having exciting activities such as dragon dances, fashion shows wherein traditional Chinese Costumes will be showcased on the Catwalk on January 30 at 6:00PM in the Grand Atrium. Added activities that would interest Shang Plaza’s customers are Chinese painting workshops, musical events, and lots of Chinese movies that are truly interesting to watch.

For more details on the upcoming activities, you may visit Shangri-La Plaza official Facebook Page at or follow Shang’s official Instagram account @shangrilaplazaofficial. 

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