Duterte signs “Telecommuting Act”, work from home now a law

Duterte signs “Telecommuting Act”, work from home now a law
Certified True Copy of the signed law "Telecommuting Act" or RA 11165

Despite of some reservation from employers on the issue of measurement of productivity of the employees working from home, President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the Telecommunitng Act into law.

The President signed the Republic Act 11165 or “Telecommuting Act” on December 20, 2018 that institutionalizes “telecommuting as an alternative work arrangement for employees in the private sector.”

While this may not be acceptable to others, the law on telecommuting allows an employee in the private sector to work from an alternative work place with the use of telecommunication and/or computer technologies an arrangement done between the employee and the company or immediate superior.

Given the horrendous traffic in Metro Manila and other key provincial cities, this law was one of the reason why this was enacted. However, another pressing issue that is being floated is the internet speed that the Philippines has considering that the issue on the 3rd telco faces legal challenges.

The Philippine Business and News has been trying to get the reaction from both People Management Association of the Philippines and Employers Confederation of the Philippines, as of this posting, no feedback yet has been given by both groups.



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