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Black Nazarene devotees express ardent love and deep faith in God

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Some may not understand them and what they are doing, while others would wantonly mock the Black Nazarene devotees, the fact remains that these people have their respective wonderful and unique experience and answered prayers that they attribute to the Black Nazarene they fondly called “Señor Nazareno”.

The million devotees of the Black Nazarene flocked to Qurino Grandstand who attended “pahalik” and joined the procession back to Quiapo Church.

It is interesting to know that each devotee has his or her own reason why they have this kind of “panata” (vow) on participating in the exhausting and time consuming activity. But for the devotees who take part of this annual celebration believe that the image of the Black Nazarene has created miracle in their life such as heal their sickness, grant their prayers and supplications, help those in need and also express gratitude for being able to receive miracles from their devotion.

The Philippine Business and News interviewed two devotees and asked why they attended the “Traslacion” with their family considering that they come from the province.

“It is an expression of our love for God. It is not an easy thing to do, wait in line, bear the heat and be shoved. But this is nothing compared with what Señor Nazareno experienced before,” one of the devotee answered.

“For sure all of us who attend this yearly devotion want us to express our gratitude to God that we are still alive. thankful for the blessings or answered prayers. Our faith will never change, and even if others laugh at us or even question our practice, we will not stop doing this devotion to the Black Nazarene as long as we are alive and can still physically be present,” the other said.

Meanwhile, Philippine National Police Chief Director General Oscar Albayalde said that the Traslacion 2019 is generally peaceful.

“So far, we have not recorded any fatality and hopefully, this would end that way, that there will be no casualty,” the PNP Chief said.

“We thank our counterpart in the Armed Forces of the Philippines for the augmentation. They are really a big help. Personally, I am very much satisfied with the outcome so far,” he added.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines fielded around 2,000 soldiers to augment the more than 7,000 policemen who were tapped to secure Quiapo Church, the Quirino Grandstand and the Black Nazarene procession routes.

As of this writing, the procession is still on its way to Quiapo and hopefully to finish earlier compared with last year according to Gen. Albayalde.

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