Jose Rizal and the Youth

Jose Rizal and the Youth
Self portrait painting of Dr. Jose Rizal as a young boy in the book of Dr. Austin Craig, Lineage, Life and Labors of Jose Rizal, Philippine Patriot published in 1913

Editor’s Note: Jose Rizal and the Youth

Today marks the 122nd death anniversary of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

Many historians dubbed him as genius because he was a well rounded person. He was a prolific writer, poet, scientist, doctor and artist.

He was considered as “LODI” or as idol in the language of the millennials today and also “PETMALU” (malupit) or amazing not because of he was a multi-talented young man, but also because he was a role model, a gentleman and an obedient son. Perhaps, during the time of the baby boomers, he was the “Kilabot ng Kolehiyala”.

In Rizal’s time, there was no social media yet like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, text messages or even rotary phone when there was still a partyline sharing a common line with different numbers. Everyone  was focus not to self-aggrandizement but on how can one make a difference even to a point of giving up the most precious gift in God has given to him —- his very own life!

For sure, if our National Hero were still alive now, his followers would be countless and all his posts would certainly go viral because of his profoundness and appeal. Yes, Rizal could be an “EPAL”  back in his time but he doesn’t need this, because his love for the country is so much that even during his exile and imprisonment, his mind was for the country and most especially for the Youth, whom he called “The Hope of Our Motherland”.

Rizal left a lot of life’s golden lessons which both the youth and the adults can learn from.

The youth can learn a lot from Dr. Jose Rizal, because he knows what he wants, he was not the hard headed moth that was warned by the mother moth not to come close to flame and get burned. He knows how to listen, even if he knows he is a learned man.

To the youth, may his sacrifice by giving his own life become a wake up call for you that there were many martyrs in the country who gave their life for you to enjoy the freedom that you are having now, be responsible because freedom is not absolute. It’s always tied up with responsibilities. Be truthful, be sincere and be humble.

For the adults, may you emulate our National Hero by continually keeping in mind the values he left behind like loving our country, our God and our people. And when challenged, to be courageous and continually quest for what is true and just and fight what our heroes fought for tyranny, ignorance, apathy and deception even if it would mean giving up our own life.

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