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Privacy Chief reminds tourism industry about data privacy

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In the world where identity of the people are readily available online and at the same time become vulnerable for theft identity, the National Privacy Commission (NPC) reminded all the members of  travel and tourism sector to be extra careful of data privacy and protection of their clients in compliance with the Data Privacy Law of 2012.

Knowing how important data privacy is and the limitation of the technology, Raymund Liboro, National Privacy Commissioner and Chairman specifically pointed out to those travel agencies that handle substantial personal and financial data of their clients who are applying for passports and foreign visas and to make sure they have strong measures in protecting the data that are passed through them which then become their accountability.

The Privacy Chief also mentioned that even the airlines and hotels also process substantial personal data from both local and foreign clients that are also favorite target of unscrupulous identity thieves and other cyber criminals.

Part of their job is the collection of information from citizens even of other jurisdictions,” Liboro said.

“A lot of data are collected, needless to say, even the most sensitive data. Passport numbers are very sensitive data. Some of them even collect medical data. So, as an industry, they should be very proactive in safeguarding the personal data of their clients,” he added.

This call was made by Liboro at the 20th Data Protection Officers Assembly (DPO20) held last Tuesday at the Asian Institute of Management Conference Center in Makati City. For the NPC Commissioner, he emphasized the need to mitigate risks as the sector becomes increasingly dependent on advances in technology.

The compliance would really pave way in ensuring Philippine tourism’s stable growth, continued contribution to national economic progress and increasing global competitiveness. This is because we protect the data and privacy of our guests and even our own people.

“All organizations must comply with the data privacy compliance and this is a must. And in the tourism industry, everyday they collect and process a lot of personal data and it is under their watch to assume full responsibility in protecting tourists’ data – from acquisition, storage to transfer – not only allows them to enjoy that sense of peace of mind while on travel and leisure, but also strengthens your brand as a company that puts its customer’s welfare above all else,” he said in closing.

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