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EU Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines to host “Energy Smart” caucus in Davao

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The energy program of the Philippines was very advanced before. As early as 1958, we already had our nuclear program with the creation of the Philippine Atomic Energy Commission. We were number 2 in the geothermal energy second to the US. We have the first ever built up nuclear power plant in Asia but never been used. Now, Vietnam has constructed its first nuclear power plant with the technical assistance from Russia. The challenge for a lot of investors to come to the Philippine is the power rates. We are one of the highest power rates not only in Asia but also almost in the world being in the Top 10.

.In their desire for sustainable development and education on energy efficiency, the European Union Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) is holding the 5th edition of Energy Smart Mindanao 2018 to be held Nov. 22 at the Apo View Hotel.

According to ECCP, the said event in Davao will focus on the mainstreaming of Mindanao’s energy efficiency and renewable energy programs initiatives.

Furthermore, the ECCP also noted that there have been many initiatives launched by the Philippine government, international development organizations, non-government organizations and even private enterprises, to mainstream energy efficient technologies and renewable energy.

The energy forum has three sessions and these are, 1) Government-Private Sector Dialogue on Energy Issues and Challenges; 2) Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Initiatives and Programs; and 3) Best Practices in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

There are also topics on initiative done by the European Unions in support of the Philippine Energy Sector Development; Investing in a Sustainable and Resilient Energy Future in Mindanao; Partnering with the Government Energy Sector Development in Mindanao.

Natural resources wise, the Philippines has a lot of viable sources of energy we can use such as solar, hyrdo, geothermal, biogas and even ethanol. With the Energy caucus in Mindanao under the auspices of ECCP, we can hope that the Philippine Energy Efficiency Forum program will be realized across the country. This caucus spearheaded by the European Union (EU) Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) is in partnership of EU-Philippines Business Network (EPBN) with Mindanao Development Authority, International Copper Association Southeast Asia, Aboitiz Power, Shell, Delta Dore, SEBIGAS UAC Joint Venture, SOLENERGY Systems, Inc., and PSB Philippines as supporting partners. 

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