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How the “Dynamic Duo” tamed the dragons and brought gold to the Philippines?

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How the “Dynamic Duo” tamed the dragons and brought gold to the Philippines?
“Teamwork makes the dream work” 

We often hear the best way to succeed is to develop the passion. While this adage may be true, it’s not just about passion, but also passion for reason —- the purpose! And this is the key driver that was used by the dynamic duo, Jonne Go, President of the Philippine Canoe Kayak Dragon Boat Federation and Head Coach Len Escollante.

It was not easy to rear and train these young souls especially if they come from different regions, with different family backgound and they all admitted during the interview with them by THEPHILBIZNEWS at The Perfect Pint, Greenbelt 2, Makati City where the interview was held, their first few months together as a team, all the players were fighting like cats and dogs.

This was also confirmed by both Go and Escollante, managing their dragon boat team players was like managing a “young adult” day care center. But they did not get tired of taming them. Needless to say, despite of their limited resources, the Philippine Canoe Kayak Dragon Boat Federation really made sure that no one or should stop them for brining honor to the country.

For the President of the Philippine Canoe Kayak Dragon Boat, Jonne Go, who has been playing the role of the mother, father and guardian rolled into one for our Philippine Dragon Boat Team players since the beginning, she’s doing this because she believes that the Filipino people can draw inspiration from our champions. Because despite of lack of financial support, different religions, dialects and personalities, the purpose to give honor to the country was what she and Coach Len had been telling to their players to keep in mind.

The Philippine Dragon Boat Team players under the tutelage of PCKDB President Go and Head Coach Escollante started young with them, some started at the age of 9 and 10 years old respectively, and it was during their tender age that they are prepared to become not just champions at heart but also to be honorable, respectful and resourceful Filipino citizens.

Meanwhile, Head Coach Len Escollante a former military personnel shared how they instill discipline to their players like not to use their cellphones during the training and competition in order not to be distracted, sleeping on time and many more other forms of disciplines that would make them grow us responsible individual and citizens. “I want all of them to have self-discipline, even I am not with them physically”, she added. “We compete not for money, but to give honor to the country. While money is needed, we know that someday some benevolent sponsors would come to us and offer support and we would really gladly welcome them..”

Jonne Go shared her own real talk about their team. She narrated, “Many of them joined us at an early age and trained them well. That is why I am esctatic when I hear the comments of the people that they are well mannered and well disciplined.” Needless to say, Go added, “Despite of having different religious background, they are all trained to pray before they start training and before the meal in rotation. Whoever leads the prayer must respect others and that has been a habit.” The ICF World Dragon Boat Championships which was held at Georgia, USA wherein Philippines bagged the overall champion was a case of David beating Goliath.

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