PCCI supports President Duterte’s move to change leadership in BOC

PCCI supports President Duterte’s move to change leadership in BOC
Photo Courtesy of Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industries

In response to THEPHILBIZNEWS clarification in the previous statement released by Philippine Chamber of Commerce of Industry (PCCI) President Ma. Alegria Sibal-Limjoco by saying that the Presiden Rodrigo Dutertet’s move (to put active military to the BOC) “is a good start”.

Edgardo Lacson, Acting President of PCCI sent PCCI’s stand on what others call as “militarization” of the BOC as well as the predicament of BOC Commisisoner Isidro Lapeña.

Here is the full statement of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce of Industry (PCCI) sent to THEPHILBIZNEWS. 

“With the replacement of the top leadership of BOC, President Duterte sends a strong and unequivocal message of his zero tolerance against corruption and illegal trade on dangerous drugs.”

“The BOC for decades since its creation is perceived to be the most corrupt agency of government and several heads were installed and most if not all were removed/replaced because of suspected, though unproven, involvement in smuggling operation. The fault is probably a systemic anomaly that punishes those who are honest and sincere in cleaning up the stable of corruption.

General Isidro Lapeña may be a collateral damage since he is believed to be a man of integrity and honor. “Corruption maybe deeply imbedded in the system that it can either coopt or reject those trying to reform the agency.”

Business is hoping that the wholesale removal of key personnel and replaced by highly trained military men would be seamless and not too disruptive of the smooth flow of trade involving customs. Business welcomes the bold initiative of President Duterte which can trigger total overhaul of the system and wishes both Generals Sid Lapeña and Guerrero huge success in their respective assignments.”

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