Globe myBusiness-Samsung partnership to protect data and boost productivity of MSMEs

PHOTO CAPTION: (From left to right): Darvin Sy-Su, Product Marketing Head, Globe myBusiness; Derrick Heng, Senior Advisor,  Globe myBusiness; Albert de Larrazabal, Chief Commercial Officer,  Globe Telecom Inc; Kevin Lee, President, Samsung Philippines; Min Su Chu, Business Manager, Samsung Philippines;  Jerry Manus, Head of IT and Mobile,  Samsung Philippines 

Small enterprise owners in the Philippines are slowly following the trend of allowing their employees to bring their own devices. With the workforce becoming more mobile, documents, images, and videos are being streamed to dozens of mobile devices that are being held by these employees who may or may not be in the office. Risk to viruses, malware, and other forms of cyber attack can also rise because they are not being rigorously monitored.

Globe myBusiness, the micro, small, and medium-enterprise arm of Globe Telecom, offers business owners a solution which can protect their company data while boosting their worker productivity. It partnered with Samsung, the global leader in smart device manufacturing, to bring Samsung Knox to local SMEs.

Samsung Knox is a very user-friendly, efficient platform that enables company owners to add restrictions or precautions to ensure that company devices are secure so as to increase workforce productivity.

Samsung Knox is a cloud-based device management solution with an affordable license fee that provides a simple deployment process to help SMEs address enterprise mobility concerns without having to invest time and money extensively.

Albert De Larrazabal, Chief Commercial Officer of Globe, elaborates on the purpose behind the launch of Samsung Knox Manage. He said: “Businesses are now looking into device management to have additional measures to ensure security and increase productivity with employee devices. Partnering with the leading brand in consumer electronics made the most sense as more than half of Globe myBusiness customers are using Samsung. Also, the product was the most relevant and affordable for the SME market.”

He also explains the vision fueling the partnership between Globe and Samsung: “Globe myBusiness has always positioned itself as the Filipino entrepreneur’s partner for growth. Through this collaboration, we would like to empower all small and medium-sized Filipino companies to become globally competitive, by ensuring that there are additional measures for increased security of their information and devices.”

Once Samsung Knox is implemented in the different company devices, management can easily configure it, particularly pertaining on data access, such as minimizing use of personal social media accounts during business hours to reduce employee distraction, as well as making company-installed apps available only for official purposes and impervious to deletion. Remote IT management is now possible to push updates and support when the mobile workforce encounters problems outside of the office. In case of theft, the company’s IT department can remotely locate a stolen office device enrolled in Samsung Knox Manage, lock it, and wipe its contents.

Various features within Samsung Knox Manage make this transition seamless and user-friendly. First, many devices, such as smartphones and tablets, can be enrolled in the platform as one bulk simultaneously. Second, it supports multi Operating Systems, a flexibility that allows Samsung Knox Manage to be applied to Android , iOS, or Windows 10 devices. Third, support is always present and reliable, from the IT department applying remediation remotely to device management and assistance that are provided on-demand upon the company’s trigger.

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