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From 105 days maternity leave, paid bereavement leave is being pushed

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From 105 days maternity leave, paid bereavement leave is being pushed

Does Filipino employees  really want to work or just take a leave or vacation forever? This is the sentiment of one of the business owners we spoke with as the House Bill 6043, the lawmakers favor bill granting 10-day bereavement leave with full pay to the employees in both private and public sectors.

An exporter entrepreneur, Galo Bondad owner of Galo Organic and Natural said to THEPHILBIZNEWS that he is already worried on the impact of  105 days maternity leave. He exclaimed, “I do not think it is fair for business sectors” because this would affect the commitment to our clients”.

“Obviously, adjustment is much needed to replace temporarily their position. If so, company need to pull other regular employees for the vacant/temporary position. Remember no more contractual. Is 60 days not enough? Then here is another 10 days bereavement leave? What will people do, have vacation leave forever?” he added.

Under this bill, employees shall be entitled to a bereavement leave of 10 days with full pay following the death of an employee’s immediate family member and those who avail of the bereavement leave shall be assured of the security of tenure.

Many employers and business owners oppose this bill to grant workers in mourning bereavement leave, because this will affect the productivity and increase the cost of business operations.

The Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) said it opposes House Bill 6043 that would implement the bereavement leave with pay to both private and public sectors. The form of relief can be availed by workers in case of death of an immediate family member.

ECOP said, “As a matter of principle, Ecop opposes the bill granting bereavement leave. Ecop wants a minimum number of nonworking holidays as provided for by law.”

“The government should also limit to a reasonable number the declaration of additional non-working national and local holidays through presidential proclamation. We have so many holidays that even investors and foreign companies do not understand. Ecop appeals to the lawmakers in the proposed measures iseeking for additional types of leaves that may be enjoyed by private sector workers,” the Federation added.

“While we recognize the need for the bearevement of those employees, there are other days off from work observed in the form of paid leaves to which workers are entitled to under the law. There are egular and special nonworking holidays, and there are also days when work is called off due to natural calamities”, ECOP explained.

“We believe that any further reduction in the working days of employees would be counterproductive and unnecssary and would also have an adverse impact the business as a whole as this would increase the operating cost of the business and low output as well”, ECOP added.

THEPHILBIZNEWS is trying to get the side of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry through Mr. Angelito Colona on this bill on bereavement and on the approved 105 days maternity leave, but according to Colona, he is in the meeting now and will revert back to The Philippine Business and News.

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