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What Filipinos need: Affordable and quality medicines

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Unknown to many Filipinos, in terms of quality of death based on the survey with other 80 countries, the Philippines ranks 78th out of 80 countries in terms of a hard place to die, and the 6th highest in the region on mortality rate.

One of the major reasons is the growing population which remains unabated because of poverty especially in the far flung areas. As inevitable, the expected quality healthcare service remains a big challenge especially to both national and local government. Thus the free healthcare service remains elusive to so many Filipino people especially those who are living in the countryside, and also in terms of implementation in the localities like health centers, provincial hospitals and clinics.

There is one thing the we Filipinos ought to value in terms of taking of our health, that is through prevention, regular medical check-up and supplementation. As the old adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” But for others the question remains, how can I prevent health challenges when medicines, vitamins and medical check-ups are prohibitive? For so many Filipinos, they would rather spend money for food than undergo a medical check-up without realizing that it is more expensive to be confined in the hospital than to avail of the check-up when needed. This is the issue remains a concern for almost everyone because of the notion everything related to medicine, medical check-up and diagnostic service is expensive. Not anymore.

The advent of Generika Drugstore came into being when Teodoro Ferrer, a retired Ayala executive and his business partner Julien Belo witnessed the plight of many Filipinos when it comes to healthcare specifically the intake of medicine and the completion of treatments that involves antibiotics. They realized that due to the high cost of medicines, people tend to take shortcuts in their medication without realizing the health risks it involves.

These two gentlemen has a noble mission that aims to offer quality affordable generic medicines that will help each Filipino live a healthy life. Generika Drugstore is the pioneer champion of generic medicines in the pharma retail space.

From its humble beginnings; Generika’s first office was a just small 2-bedroom apartment in Parañaque

City, the company grew with the help of its stakeholders such as pharmacists and key employees. Then it opened its doors and started selling medicines to the public through its first outlet located in Montillano, Muntinlupa. Since then, more customers have patronized Generika Drugstore and the company continuously expanded by opening more stores not only because of the 85% savingfs one can avail but also the reliable and value added service that they give to their clients. Because only Generika Drugstore gives a “gamot guide” which is part of the service when buying at the Generika Drugstore. This “gamot guide” helps the patient to know when, what and how to take their medicines which is very important and helpful because any self medication or untimely drink of medicine would not help the person.

Generika Drugstore’s commit to innovate launched in 2014 the MEDPadala- an electronic gift certificate used to purchase medicines.This is to address the growing needs and concenrs of OFWs abroad who sends money to the Philippines for their families health needs.MEDPadala ensures that the money sent will be used for medicines only instead of other unnecessaryitems.

Jay Ferrer, Vice President for Operations, Actimed Inc. explaining the benefits one can get from availing the service of Generika Drugstore, Family Dok and disagnostic service under one roof

What makes Generika Drugstore reliable? Generika Drugstore is a proud member of AC Health, a subsidiary of Ayala Corporation. Through AC Health, Ayala acquired 50% stake of Generika to help address the gap in affordable retail healthcare. With Ayala’s business expertise, Generika Drugstore is poised to become bigger in the pharmaceutical retail space as it continues to be at the forefront in providing quality affordable healthcare to Filipino families.

Perhaps, many are wondering why the Ayalas suddenly ventured in drugstore and healthcare service business. The Ayalas are no strangers to the drugstore or health related business. As early as 1834, the Ayalas were already operating a “botika” (drugstore) business when there was no other familiar names in the retail drugstores back then. Having that pioneering nature, the Ayala now made Generika Drugstore one of the most admired and patronized drugstores in the country where you can expect quality yet affordable medicines that will certainly give everyone a quality life they deserve.

The Generika Drugstore can also be found in Visayas and Mindanao and continues to expand by putting up more branches not only in key cities and municipalities, but also in small towns and barangays. This is part of their mission to serve more communities throughout the country because Generika Drugstore believes that every Filipino deserves afforadable and quality medicines wherever they are.

There are many more benefits one can get from Generika Drugstore, all you have to do it visit the nearest Generika Drugstore in your area.

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