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Ayala embarks on a “Blue Ocean Strategy” in delivering healthcare service to Filipino people

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Admit it or not, there is really a need for the change of mindset in the Filipino people when it comes to taking care of their health. Perhaps, due to lack of proper education.

It is interesting to note that for many Filipinos seeing a Family Doctor is not a good practice, because they always look for the Specialist Doctors as if Family Doctors are not going to address their health challenges or concerns. This is the reason why it is always best to consult first a primary physician before going to a specialist because a simple illness does not need a specialist. But that notion is totally wrong given the worldwide practice in the medical field.

In other developed countries like US, Canada, Singapore and EU countries, while part of the basic services provided by their government is on healthcare, all the patients are obliged to go through the primary physicians for medical examinations before seeing a specialist upon the recommendation of the family doctor and when it is truly necessary. And this is what has been the standing practice that not many Filipinos do not know.

While the government has been trying very hard to address in delivering healthcare services even in the far flung area via health centers, rural and government hospitals, the fact that remains that despite the continuous effort of the government in addressing this concern, the widening gap in the access, affordability, and quality healthcare service for many Filipinos today remains elusive.

Hence, Ayala Healthcare Holdings embark on a “blue ocean strategy” in the healthcare service by coming up with the first community-based primary care clinics, offering the combined services of a clinic,a diagnostic facility and a pharmacy all under one roof.

Given the traffic in Metro Manila and key provincial cities across the country, going to the hospital for a check-up or emergency need is truly cumbersome if not toxic at the worst. Not to mention that personal information sheet that a patient needs to fill up. In the AC Health, all the medical records history, medicines prescribed and other details normally asked from a patient have digital copies and there is no need to fill up again. This saves a lot of time which can be spent productively.

The effort of AC Health in developing a synergistic and integrated healthcare ecosystem to serve as many Filipinos as possible and enjoy a quality life is truly a welcome development in the health and wellness industry.


Paolo Borromeo, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ayala Healthcare Holdings


Now Filipinos will have access to affordable, quality, generic medicines through Generika Drugstores, and bringing quality primary care closer to communities through FamilyDOC Clinics and at the same time save time to the hassle and bustle on lining up with the hospital.

Capitalizing on the technology, AC Health has invested in health technology platforms, such as MedGrocer, an FDA-licensed e-Pharmacy and delivery service, and Vigos Health Technologies, their in-house health technology group. Through these platforms, they aim to improve efficiency, enable integration, and leverage the power of data analytics for the convenience of their clients.

According to Paolo Borromeo, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ayala Healthcare Holdings, “Our ultimate goal here is for the Filipino people to have quality healthcare which is more accessible and affordable. In everything that we do here at AC Health, we are committed to improving healthcare for all our patients, their families, and their communities. That is the purpose of Ayala Healthcare Holdings. It’s a business with a heart and a business that matters.”

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