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Daily Archives: Aug 7, 2018

Duterte’s Economic managers’ caveat, “Don’t rush Federalism”

President Rodrigo Duterte’s two economic managers gave their caveat against the railroading of shift to a federal for of government as this could have...

Duterte: Don’t fear the National ID

Contrary to the belief of some group who are against the implementation of national ID because it can be used as a weapon to...

Are You a Tax Evader?

Taxes are what we pay for an orderly, refined, advanced, humanized and developed society. Taxes are what we pay for the existence our government....

Duterte irked by video on Federalism, Mocha risks to lose her job

Not all the time, Mocha. This is what THEPHILBIZNEWS got when we asked a friend from Malacañang Palace regading the reaction of President Rodrigo Duterte...

Martires gets slammed for limiting media access to Ombudsman cases

Ombudsman Samuel Martires is now entangling with the media about his plan to limit media access on cases filed and pending with the Office...

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