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Kiss your “Federalism” goodbye, netizens say

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What was thought as a creative way to promote the Federalism that President Rodrigo Duterte promised to implement during his election campaign, turned out to be an obscene and disgusting promotion which drew flak from netizens. Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson strikes anew.

Mocha posted In a video posted in her Facebook page, with co-host Drew Olivar chanted “i-pepe”and “i-dede” while pointing to his crotch and chest. Then he proceeded to yell “i-pederelismo” at the end of the dance.

“Pepe” is a Filipino slang word for the vagina while “dede”is a term for breast.

 Netizens heckled Mocha by calling her a wore and pervert for doing this even those who wanted the federalism to materialize on or before the end of Duterte. Uson is known for her obscenity, sexual innuendos and even encouraging male co-host in a radio show video which was broadcasted live to mash her breast with matching moaning and telling the male co-hosts that she is already horny.

Even former Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III, did not like what Mocha and his partner did and he also admitted that he was wrong to think that Mocha being popular could help in the information drive for the proposed shift to federalism. Pimentel showed his dismay and urged her to go on leave to study the issue.

“I really never thought that they would insult the cause of federalism. It’s bettet to take Mocha away from federalism and let her study what federalism first”, Pimentel said. He went on, “Kasi naman ang pagka intindi ko ay hindi naman siya ang in-charge kundi isang tao na mas meron otoridad at kaalaman sa Pederalismo tulad ng mga miyembro ng consultative comm (What I thought was she would not be the one in charge but someone (else) with more authority and knowledge on federalism like members of the consultative committee).”

The Concom said it wanted to tap Uson to be part of the information drive on charter change, and Uson obliged to help in the campaign through social media.

Asked about his reaction to Uson’s video on federalism, Pimentel said he was more disappointed that “the best and the brightest”appointees of the Duterte administration could only come up with “that kind of bullshit. And even without the dance and the song, just listen to the statement they read. Maling-mali pa ang substance! (The substance is wrong!)” Pimentel said.

Uson said that the Concom had nothing to do with the suggestive dance and that it was “just for fun” for the public to be informed of federalism.

For his part, Drew Olivar, Mocha’s co-host has defended the controversial jingle, saying it was the people who put malice in it. He explained further by blaming the netizens, “Anong masama doon? Kayo nagbibigay na parang p*kp*k tas dede. Kayo ang makukuwan ang mga pag-iisip. Ang dudumi ng mga pag-iisip ninyo (What is wrong with that? Your minds are dirty)”.

“Parang may sinabi na, ‘diyan lang ba napunta yung P90 million?‘ Hindi pa nga nabibigay ‘yung budget di ba? Hoy! para sabihin ko sa inyo, hindi ako nababayaran dahil mayaman ako (There were questions if that’s how the P90 million was spent. The budget hasn’t bee released yet. And I would tell you that no one can pay me because I am rich),” he added.

The Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) has been criticized for having a huge budget P1.38 billion in 2018 and yet on several occasions, the Mocha has been the source of false news and disinformation campaign and the agency has had so many bloopers like misspelled names even of the Philippines, other countries and even some government agencies.

As of this writing, netizens continue to bash Mocha and Drew Olivar in the video and urged Duterte to remove Mocha from the information, education and dissemination drive on Federalism and also as Assistant Secretary of the PCOO, or the administration can kiss their bid on Federalism plan goodbye.

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