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By Manuel L. Morato

On or about July 9, 2021, I received a Subpoena from Senior Assistant City Prosecutor, Vivien A. Balisi-Manahan, Office of the City Prosecutor Quezon City, from “Pia R. Morato versus Manuel L. Morato.”

Before I proceed, please allow me to correct my address.  It’s NOT 93 Scout Gandia Street but 95 Scout Gandia Street.  “93” Scout Gandia Street I believe was one of the property of my late mother landgrabbed and dug-up, which led us to file an estate case against the landgrabbers.

It is important to give my correct address in case of notices from the Courts.  The notice I received from the Assistant City Prosecutor David Anthony Aranas was dated “Witness my hand this 7th day of June 2021;” and yet it arrived only on July 9, received by our personnel in the guardhouse.  Kindly refer to Pia’s Complaint Affidavit not notarized, no Doc. No./ no Page No./ no Book No./no Series of 2021. 

Unang-una, mate-technical ako kapareho yung nangyari sa akin na ang opinion ng Asst. Prosecutor Seijo dated in May, was delivered to me together with the arrest order of Judge Malabaguio months later, all at the same place and time.

Pia Morato gave her address at “15/F Main Building, Quezon City Hall Compound, Quezon City”; simply put sa Office of Mayor Joy Belmonte Alimurung to show that she is malakas sa Mayor.  So be it.  Sa La Breza siya nakatira.  She wanted to impress the Court and all the rest na sa office mismo siya ni Mayor.  Big deal!  Alam ko naman sa palakasan sa mga Korte sa Quezon City.

Sa sagot ni Pia Morato Baretto (hiwalay), ilagay natin sa tamang lugar.  There is no divorce in our country and couples who separate are only separated but remain married in the eyes of God for they were married in Church.

Sana yong married name ng asawa niya ang gamitin niya na lang at kawawa naman ang pangalan ng aking Ama, si Tomas Morato, First Mayor of Quezon City appointed by President Manuel L. Quezon in October 12, 1939.

Why am I particularly concerned?  Because of what I saw and heard on Facebook, a lady so terribly angry with Pia and her Joy for sending food assistance to the poor in Quezon City which both of them, Pia and Joy, used garbage truck to load the food supposedly to be eaten by our poor kababayan in the squatters area, full of virus and bacteria.  They were both cursed by the lady fuming mad, spewing anger kay “Pia Morato na “ikaw ang namahala,” base sa utos ni “Mayor Joy.”  

Nakakahiya naman sa aking Ama na hinding-hindi siya matapobre at all.  On the contrary, matulungin ang aking Ama, si Tomas B. Morato sa mahihirap.  Ikinakahiya ko ito na ninais ko na yong pangalan na lang nong asawa niya “Baretto” ang ginamit niya sa serbisyo publiko at may anak siyang dalawa sa kanya.

Ako’y nagsilbi sa serbisyo publiko as MTRCB Chairman and PCSO Chairman and I gave it my all to serve our people most importantly the poor and the needy.  All my life, I’ve never been a “matapobre.”  And so was my father who paid more attention to the poor than the so-called dirty “rich” people.  But I’ve never been impressed either by the so-called “rich people.”

Why do you think Pia is in the City Hall?  It’s because my three sisters and I filed a case in Court against the Belmontes and Morato, our youngest brother Jose “Pit” Morato, 73, father of Pia.  We are six heirs of our late mother. I am the eldest and executor of our mother’s Holographic Will.

Anim kaming magkakapatid.  Ang sumunod sa akin ay ang tatlo kong kapatid na babae: Elvira Morato Cuenca (Lola ni Jake Cuenca); Teresita Morato Lazatin and Lolita Morato Quiros.

According to the handwritten Will of our mother, the succession she wished to be followed was from the eldest son, myself, followed by my three sisters and two brothers after them.  However, we don’t know what happened that the last, Jose L. Morato, Pia’s father, the last in line, suddenly appeared without our knowledge na nailipat lahat ang mana namin sa aming Ina sa kanyang pangalan at pati ang property ng aming Ina dito sa Quezon City na nasa pangalan ng aming Ina ay ibinenta niya sa mga Belmonte. These are not allegations.  These are documented and submitted in Court.

Hindi lang tatlong lupain sa pangalan ang aming Ina, pati ang malaking ancestral home ng aming magulang na regalo ng aming Ama sa aming Ina ay napasa sa pangalan ng ama’t ina ni Pia, si Jose L. Morato at Peewee.  Hindi po lang iyon, at giniba ang kalaking bahay ng aming magulang na nasa pangalan ng aming Ina, at nailipat ni Jose L. Morato, ama ni Pia through falsified documents they submitted in Court.  Alam po namin kung anong ginawa nila sa aming Ina bago siya yumaon.  May mga thumb-marks at pirma na ipinilit sa aming maysakit at 92 year old na Ina; at ninakaw din po lahat ng estate properties ng aming Ina bago nila giniba yong bahay.

Ang aming Ina po ay namatay nong May 31, 2002.  Nalaman na lang namin nong April 1, 2018, 16 years after, na naibenta na pala ang bahay at tatlong lupa na nasa pangalan ng aming Ina noong 2014, twelve years after the death of my mother.  Wala po kaming kaalam-alam.

Your Honor, Senior Assistant City Prosecutor Vivien Manahan, masasagot ko po ang akusasyon ni Pia Morato-Baretto.

Dahil po sa column ko, napatunayan ko na nagsama sila ni Joy BelmonteAlimurung na kilala ko po sila at magulang nila, si Betty at Sonny, for more than 40 years; pati po yong apat na anak.  Tatapatin ko na po kayo na ang Ina nila na si Betty Go-Belmonte ang mabait at matalik kong kaibigan.

Your Honor, masasagot ko po lahat ang bintang ni Pia na ang laking pera ang nakuha sa akin papunta daw sa seminars niya sa Spain, five times, inaabutan ko ng 3 to 5 thousand dollars for “10 day seminars”?  Nabigyan ko pa po ng kotse, suweldo for more than 10 years sa nais ko lang tumulong, tapos trinaydor po ang Ina ko, ako at mga kapatid ko pong babae.

Kulang pa po yang nabanggit ko sa column ko po sa Philbiznews.com.  Kasabwat po siya ng kanyang ama at ng mga Belmontes sa pagnakaw sa ari-arian ng aming Ina.  Mabuti pa nga po ang samahan nila, nanakaw lahat ang mamanahin namin sa aming Ina.

Galit siya sa mga sinabi ko.  Totoo po lahat yan.  Mas grabe po ang ginawa nila sa amin.  Ninakaw lahat ang aming mana sa aming Ina na parang hindi kami compulsory heirs of our mother.  Wala pong tinira.  It’s as if we were never born!

Ang Ama namin ay namatay noong 1965.  Tapos na po ang estate ng aming Ama na si Tomas B. Morato noon 1969 pa po; at ngayon na lang po naming nalaman na patalikod ang paglaban ni Pia sa amin na katulong ang kanyang ama na ninakawan kami ng what rightfully belongs to us.

Salamat po at naudyokan kong lumantad at patalikod po ang role niya. Ngayon, maliwanag na dalawang partido ang kakampi niya: Ang ama niya na nagnakaw sa aming limang magkakapatid at napunta sa kanyang ama at sa mga anak, kasali si Pia sa lahat ng transaction papunta sa mga Belmonte.

Sasagutin ko po, Your Honor, lahat ang ginawa sa amin ng ama ni Pia, at mga Belmonte; and of course in the frontline si Pia.  Documented po yan lahat.  Hindi po katulad ng hawak ng ama ni Pia na si Jose.  Manufactured po lahat, with evil intention. 

Libel?  Cyberlibel?  When a person speaks of the truth; and tells the truth there is no libel.

Pia, of course, is at her ferocious’ best.  You took away from me and my three sisters our inheritance from our mother, not YOUR mother.  You and your sister and brother are out of my mother’s estate.  How come our inheritance went to you, your father, your mother and the Belmontes?

Pia, you and your parents are the ones who have a lot of explaining to do.

Ako at mga sisters ko ang ninakawan, sila pa ang galit dahil naka connect daw sila sa people in power.  So be it!

There is no law that can deprive us of our rightful inheritance from our parents.  You, Pia, are out of the picture.  You are dipping your fingers only for the sake of your father who stole from us; and also the people you are serving in the Quezon City Hall who are sitting in power, temporarily.  You are all guilty of wrongdoing, trying so hard to reverse the truth.  But despite your peroration, the falsified documents your side have submitted, no Court can possibly rectify; and no attempt in falsifying more documents can be given credence by any decent human being.

What is wrong is wrong.  No one on earth can make it right.  And no matter how much dirty money of your cohorts flaunt, Divine Justice will surely, as sure as you sit in your “thrown” in the Quezon City Hall who are as guilty as you and your father will open the gates of Heaven.  You and your group are not welcome there.  Sinusian na ni San Pedro ang pintuan! 

P.S. My columns are forwarded by my readers to friends who’ve read them.  Hindi ko po yan kasalanan.  At bakit nagagalit si Pia?  Kami ang dapat magalit at kaming apat na magkakapatid ang ninakawan nila.

Ibalik ninyo ang inyong ninakaw sa amin. 

For comments and suggestions email at mlmorato@yahoo.com