UNCENSORED: Simply an observation of the U.S. Election

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By Manuel L. Morato

Simply an observation of the U.S. Election

I was criticized by two persons for commenting on the past U.S. elections last November 3, 2020.

As an observer, I was following what was happening in the U.S. elections for whatever happens in the U.S. matters to our country and other countries.  And this unusual “Mail-in-ballots” is a rare species concocted in this election under the guise of the “Covid pandemic.”  The Coronavirus should have not been an issue at all.  It is a case study for all democracies around the world who could copy the new American system every time there is an epidemic.  Maybe, it should be the election itself that should have been deferred.  The U.S. has enough voters to decide in an election without involving those who are affected by the virus.  But it was openly revealed in Davos last January that “President Donald Trump must be removed from office this coming November.”  Before the Davos Conference in Switzerland, President Trump issued a statement that he was not going to Davos because he is against the “New World Order”; and rightfully so. 

No matter what, many nations are now considering the new version of electing in a presidential election.  It’s such an important election, a presidential election no less.  No changes should have been initiated in the US election process.  The alleged sick voters, even the dead were “accommodated.”

Many are commenting never, never to follow the new system used by the U.S. in the last November 3 elections about two weeks ago.  This election damaged the integrity of the American election.  Not only that, America was seriously divided more than ever before.  To think that President Trump was accused by the Democrats of being divisive.  Let them not say that anymore for what happened in this election seriously divided the Americans.  The conservatives will not accept the results of the questionable counting of the ballots, nationwide.  The right-thinking Americans will never, never accept that, neither the religious sects.

Principally, I was closely following up on the U.S. presidential elections for it’s quite different from other elections the U.S. has had in the past.

The Coronavirus/Covid 19 became an issue that was used to the hilt to allow early “Mail-in-votes” so susceptible to all forms of rigging an election.

I must admit that I kept track as it unfolded.  The over 73 million who voted for President Trump, cleanly, were the first ones to see through the mail-in-ballots as something that could derail the sanctity of the ballots; and many say it did, worsened by the drop-in-ballot boxes that can really be abused by unqualified and illegitimate voters.

Let me quote a brilliant observation of Manila Times columnist Mr. Yen Makabenta: “Time of reckoning for U.S. mainstream media.  Philippine schools of journalism and communication students, who will be future editors or broadcast executives in our media broadcast industry, can comprehend the fine line that divides media power and responsibility from media arrogance and abuse of press freedom.”  He further said that “this move had one mortal defect.  The media have no authority to call the results of an election in America, let alone a presidential election. 

That power rests in the electoral college, which will meet on December 14 to formally elect the president.  They will submit their choice to the U.S. Congress, which will then officially proclaim the winner and president-elect.”  (Manila Times, Saturday, November 14, 2020)

America should have followed its election process in their past elections, instead of cramming a “hybrid” version which was prone to cheating.  Can you imagine rushing into a new system in a matter of weeks? 

Countries around the world are studying the new American system of “democratic election.”  They see a way how to win an election, illegally, which the US opposition has shamelessly demonstrated to the world.  Nothing to be proud of.

There is interesting feedback from Ms. Sandra Talavera who I believe is a US citizen because of her knowledge of the elections in America.

Let me quote her statement verbatim:

“Amendment 12 of the Constitution of the United States will give you the answer.  We have a recount on battleground states in Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania – we do not have any official results anywhere in the nation as yet because of all these total recounts – it’s going to the courts.  If they cannot rule it in the count and our President don’t concede and no certification of the undisputable majority then it goes to the House of Representative with 475 members.  At this point, the election is null and void. 

It’s like it never happened and members don’t matter anymore and the President will get elected by Congress.  Our Congress is controlled by Democrats but the article in our Constitution Amendment 12 says that “each States of Congress gets one vote NOT each representative.”

Now there are 50 States of the House and out of those 50, 37 are Republicans.  At that moment a Republican Congress will Officially and Constitutionally vote the next President.  Why do you think President Trump has not conceded?  He knows this.  He knows that there are illegitimate votes cast and he has a CONSTITUTIONAL remedy for it.  He is SMART after all and understands the LAW OF OUR LAND.  So just wait for Conrad and Dindo, and enjoy the show.”

She knows my 2 critics who have been heckling me in my columns.  Ms. Sandra put a stop to them.  I was just voicing an opinion and yet those two, Conrad Ogilvie and a so-called Dindo Soriano who have been trying to curtail my freedom of speech, continued harping on me that candidate Biden had won.  Now there are processes to comply with as Ms. Sandra Talavera had related.

To those two, I do not have the monopoly, much less the capability to decide this case.  I just gave an opinion and that’s as far as I go.

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