UNCENSORED: It’s time for Congress to reconsider

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By Manuel L. Morato

There are two bills approved by Congress during the time of President Cory, I believe, that need to be reviewed and reconsidered.

One, I refer to the labeling of organic or natural medicines with “No Therapeutic Claims.”  Yet they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  I believe we are the only country that labels “no therapeutic claims,” if I am not mistaken.  Once approved by the FDA, other countries don’t label it as such; but may put “organic” or “natural.”

Science has advanced so much, by leaps and bounds that we have to accept that there are natural and organic medicines that are more effective than pharmaceutical products; and not harmful at all.  We do not mean to belittle pharmaceutical products for they have proven their worth on many illnesses, barring some negative effects on other organs.  But in general, we have pharmaceutical products that have proven good for specific illnesses as well.

What I cannot fathom is why some organic products approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) all over the world are not labeled with “no therapeutic claims.”  But the opposite happens in our country.  All organic and natural medicines must be labeled with “no therapeutic claims” on its bottle.  I believe we are the only country with such labels because of what Congress in the late 1980s passed. 

I do not know why so.  Could it be because of the competition?  But we have natural and organic medicines being discovered which are very effective.  It’s God-given.  God knows that we suffer from illnesses.  Some are based on abuse of self, acquired, and some man-made.  But as science improves, more and more organic medicines are coming out; and effective as well.  Not only that, they really cure and proven with no negative side-effects.  One of them is Ampalaya Plus.  I have a friend in the U.S. who visits the Philippines now and then who has a severe case of Diabetes and the only “medicine” that works for him is “Ampalaya Plus.”  He is a Fil-American and when he visits his family, he brings back with him a suitcase full of “Ampalaya Plus” for his maintenance the whole year.

I can name so many other organic and natural medicines that are effective, but we leave that for another time.

* * * * *

Two, the other important law to reconsider is the banning of incinerators for garbage for it was claimed by “environmentalists” before that its bad for the ozone layer – or what have you.  But since then, there are garbage incinerators that do not emit smoke that can (they say) “be bad for the ozone layer.”  Modern incinerators are now very advanced and safe.  We need them to have a clean environment.

I suggest for our environmentalists to observe some of our neighboring cities such as Singapore, Hongkong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Taipei, etc…  How do they handle their trash and garbage to keep their environment free from diseases?

Everybody knows that garbage hauling is big business.  But cleanliness and hygiene must come first.

Concerned leaders of big cities “use compactors to reduce the size of trash and can stock more waste materials in the same space compared to ordinary hauling trucks.  The compactors are more sanitary and reduce the number of hauling rounds compared to using ordinary dump trucks.”

I was informed that Makati and the City of Manila use the more hygienic compactors to haul garbage for a compactor can reduce the volume of trash and can stock more waste materials in the same space per trip.”  It is only about a month ago that Quezon City resorted to compactors after the use of dump trucks was criticized in the “ayuda” or “food packs” distribution to all households within a city, or towns either from the Local Government Units (LGUs), or those assistance coming from the National Government through the DSWD turned over to the Barangays.

Incinerators have become extremely needed to spare our people from getting bacterias which some medical experts have said that the Coronavirus/Covid 19 is a bacteria and not a virus.

Modern incinerators do not emit smoke anymore, said to be detrimental to the ozone layer.  The modern incinerators are now safe, very safe.

It’s time to clean our own backyards – fast; and give our environment clean air as well.

For comments and suggestions email at mlmorato@yahoo.com