Thrive HR Exchange partners with People Collider

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Thrive HR Exchange (powered by ChapmanV) has partnered with People Collider to offer value and insights to the world of HR by delivering bespoke learning experiences to support the skills and development needs of HR professionals, particularly related to HR technology.

Through this partnership, both companies will help HR tackle common hurdles arising from the need to adapt and grow in response to technological changes, uniting their communities, so they both benefit from shared content, training and expertise.

Co-created by Matt Chapman, Founder of ChapmanCG, and Stephanie Nash, a Global HR Leader, Thrive HR Exchange is a global community platform bringing together HR professionals and people leaders to co-create the future of work. A dynamic, positive force for progress in the industry, Thrive HR Exchange offers compassionate support, meaningful collaboration and best practice sharing to enable the HR leaders of today – and tomorrow – become agents of change within their industries.

People Collider provides unique learning opportunities for Human Resources professionals to discover and explore technology, data and the methodologies driving Industry 4.0. Founded in 2019 and led by Philippa Penfold, People Collider’s courses and events address digital leadership, technology, data and design, ensuring HR professionals have the fundamentals that anchor innovation and the capability to propel themselves and HR into the new world of work.

Speaking about the partnership, Stephanie Nash of Thrive HR Exchange says, “We know that many of our peers often feel like they are trying to catch up because they don’t have the bandwidth to explore new technology solutions out there for the industry. We are seeing that the skills and awareness of HR technology still remains relatively low. Through this partnership, we want to equip our members with the capabilities and knowledge so that they can surround themselves with strong networks and the skills to support them in running a successful HR team.”

“Technology is central to business today. The expectations of HR, to support and lead the continued digital evolution of their business and function, are increasing. We want to help HR Professionals develop the capabilities necessary to exceed those expectations, in an approachable and supportive environment that understands their unique challenges,” said Philippa Penfold, Founder of People Collider. “We see new and exciting developments every day, and we know it’s hard for HR professionals to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology, so we are here to guide and educate HR professionals on the technology that affects them today, and tomorrow.”

Each quarter, members of Thrive HR Exchange will have access to a new micro-learning experience, focussing on different topics relating to HR technology, such as Artificial  Intelligence for HR, Data and Trust, Ecosystem Design, and Augmented/Virtual Reality and Robotic Process Automation. Each quarter will wrap up with a panel discussion to conclude the topic and allow for the community to ask questions and share experiences.

Throughout the year, Thrive HR Exchange members will also have access to substantial discounts on People Collider programs and experiences. Through the partnership, Thrive HR Exchange, and People Collider are looking to understand how HR professionals find industry-specific information as part of their work responsibilities.