THE CATALYST: Understanding Personal Strengths

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By Felix Concepcion Veroya

What do you consider as your strengths?

Each person’s talents are enduring and unique. Each person’s greatest room for growth is in the areas of his or her greatest strength.

Based on the article published, employees who use their strengths outperform those who do not. This translates to three times more likely to have a quality life, six times more engaged in what he or she does, 8% more productive and 15% less likely to quit their jobs.

It is advantageous to know your strengths to be a more effective and successful leader. Strengths is the product of talents, knowledge, and skills. Success is faster when you use your strengths. For the last decade of my career, I have developed a framework to accelerate success through discovery, development, and maximization of success.

How to Discover Your Personal Strengths

  1. Know yourself.
  2. Ask a friend.
  3. Find clues in your attempts and failures.
  4. Analyze your successes.
  5. Maintain a hold on your identity.
  6. Use a strength test.

How to Develop Your Personal Strengths

  1. Aligning as much of life as possible around your top strength.
  2. Stepping outside of your strength to identify with its opposite.
  3. Unlock your flow strength by focusing on the non-flow strength.
  4. Sharpen your saw1 for 10,000 hours2.

1 – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey, 2 – Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell

How to Maximize Your Personal Strengths

  1. Build an enterprise around your strengths.
  2. Align your passion projects with your strengths.
  3. Use your strengths to deliver value to the people around you.

By following the Discover – Develop – Maximize Strengths Framework will yield success depending on how you navigate across it. Hope this simple framework can help you just like how it helped me.

Let’s continue to be #significantlybetter versions of ourselves so we can be more for others.

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