UNCENSORED: Observation & Comment

By Manuel L. Morato I don’t think it’s proper for some public officials to wear their face masks in places considered safe.  For example, I’d

UNCENSORED: Give us a break

By Manuel L. Morato We appeal to the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) members who are expected to make an announcement on or before August 18

UNCENSORED: Vietnam’s new strain

Last of the two parts By Manuel L. Morato My previous column entitled “Vietnam’s new strain” touched on the safe and unsafe recycled plastic which

UNCENSORED: Vietnam’s new strain

First of the two parts By Manuel L. Morato About two weeks ago, “New more infectious coronavirus strain was discovered in Da Nang, Vietnam.  According


By Manuel L. Morato A good friend got in touch with me and texted me worth sharing with my readers on what we are going