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Rodrigo Duterte

BEYOND SIGHT: Milking inbound passengers

By Monsi A. Serrano As early as June 2020, I’ve been hearing the horrors experienced by OFWs who were milked of their cash by unscrupulous...

LIFE MATTERS: The Real Issue in the West Philippine Sea

By Col. Dencio Acop (Ret), PhD The West Philippine Sea issue is not about the Philippines siding with China or the US. It is about...

FIRING LINE: Faster internet connection soon

By Robert B. Roque, Jr. 'Twas a long time coming, but they finally got the public-whipping they needed. The big bosses of Smart Communications and Globe...

HOWIE SEE IT: What is the real state of the nation?

By Atty. Howie Calleja Today marks the fifth time President Duterte will speak on the state of our nation. What should we expect? Another attempt...

PerryScope: Death of free press

By Perry Diaz On May 5, 2020, the Philippines’ premier broadcast network shut down under the orders of the government.  The shutdown of the free...

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