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Philippine Inflation

Inflation rises to 3.3 percent in typhoon-wracked November

Recent typhoons impacted heavily on agriculture, driving food prices up and pushing inflation higher to 3.3 percent in November Photo file/THEPHILBIZNEWS By Monsi A. Serrano For a...

Toyota Motors Philippines bags 17th consecutive Triple Crown

Toyota Motors Philippines bags 17th consecutive Triple Crown Photo File From THEPHILBIZNEWS Despite the challenges experienced last year by automotive industry in the Philippines that brought...

Inflation to slow down as prices of commodities plunged and food supply remain steady

With the continued dropping of oil prices coupled with steady food supply, the Department of Finance is confident that the inflation will slow down...

Duterte: Harder time is here, brace yourself

Just like what his critics are saying that President Rodrigo Duterte is so obsessed in his war against drugs but neglected the war against...

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