RedDoorz PH welcomes guests with its HygienePass Certification Program

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By Victoria “NIKE” De Dios

With the community quarantine being enforced across the country, many people are forced to stay home, while the essential workers and authorized persons outside residence (APOR) have limited movement or travel.

However, with more relaxed rules being considered in order to reopen the economy, many businesses prepared for the intended increased capacity plan, especially in the hospitality industry.

That being said, RedDoorz Philippines has continuously worked to expand the number of hotels that implemented the HygienePass Certification Program.

Launched last June 2020, the new initiative aims to equip hotels with industry-wide cleanliness and sanitation certification which is co-created with local medical experts and also aligned with local government guidelines. Currently, RedDoorz has successfully managed to onboard 100 HygienePass certified hotels across the country.

These properties are in the following areas such as RedDoorz @ EDSA Pasay Metro Manila, RedDoorz Plus near San Pedro Cathedral, RedDoorz Plus @ Poblacion District Davao, RedDoorz Plus @ Jones Avenue Cebu, and RedDoorz @ Kilometer 1 Roxas City. Expanding its reach beyond its own chain of hotels, the HygienePass Certification Program has also onboarded several non-RedDoorz hotels which is a testament that the program is effective and contributes to faster re-opening of the tourism industry. RedDoorz targets to implement the HygienePass for more than 250 hotels across the country.

As one of the first certification programs in the industry, having HygienePass leads the way in enabling hotel and accommodation players to easily follow the requirements of the new normal caused by COVID-19 by maintaining a set of robust cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation protocols. The certification serves as a hygiene and sanitation “seal” that can help better inform essential workers, frontline health workers, and local travelers when booking hotels.

This was clearly pointed out by Dr. Renzo Guinto, RedDoorz’s HygienePass consultant.

“HygienePass is one of RedDoorz’s responses to help flatten the COVID-19 curve. The program demonstrates that RedDoorz gives importance to protecting the health and safety of everyone in the ecosystem – from managers and staff to everyday Filipinos who want to feel worry-free. In tandem with strict government measures, this industry initiative helps ensure that everyone who intends to travel and book accommodation has a stronger sense of safety and security,” Dr. Guinto noted.

The certification program is also expected to help boost domestic tourism and rejuvenate the economy by allowing hotel and accommodation establishments to operate in the new environment.

Meanwhile,RedDoorz Philippines’ Country Manager Miguel Capistrano III said,  “Through the HygienePass Certification Program, we believe we can work towards contributing to the gradual domestic tourism recovery. We’re very excited that more hotel owners are seeing the benefits of the certification. Through swiftly responding to the challenges of the new normal, we solidify our commitment to keeping Filipino travelers safe.”

In parallel, RedDoorz has been expanding its community efforts by providing long stays for essential workers, care kits for frontline health workers, and even temporary shelters for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and stranded individuals since COVID19 emerged. In fact, the first batch of HygienePass certified hotels are now accepting essential workers and travelers for cities under MGCQ.

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