PH showcases nature-inspired pieces at PhilConstruct VX

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The Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) brings in 10 of the country’s  leading manufacturers of world-class décor, furniture, homeware, and lighting in the first-ever  digital edition of Philconstruct Virtual Expo (Philconstruct VX), happening from March 24 to 30,  2020.  

The 10 brands–Acento Colleccions, E. Murio, Enpekei International, Goltrio, Junk Not, La  Galuche, Mejore, Obra Cebuana, Prizmic & Brill, and Stonesets International–will showcase the  best of nature-inspired pieces at 

CITEM Executive Director Pauline Suaco-Juan shared that the Philippines’ rich tradition of  artisanship, particularly the way local designers and artisans relate to nature, is one of the  hallmarks of Philippine design.  

“Mastery and the various manipulation techniques of our country’s designers and artisans result  in unique and contemporary pieces that will enliven the modern Filipino home,” Suaco-Juan  noted. “We’re excited to share the ongoing story of the country’s rich tradition of craftsmanship  in this year’s Philconstruct, by way of the timeless elegance of our 10 exhibitor’s creations,” she  added.  

Suaco-Juan also said that CITEM’s participation in Philconstruct aims to introduce FAME+ to a  wider audience segment. 

Launched in October 2020, FAME+ is CITEM’s response to the evolving and rapidly digitizing  demands of trade and export. The digital trade platform improves the searchability and  discoverability of its over 200 exhibitors from the home, fashion, and lifestyle (HFL) sectors to  buyers and design enthusiasts across the globe.  

All 10 participating brands at Philconstruct are also housed in FAME+. 

Organized by the Philippine Constructors Association, Philconstruct VX is the association’s way  of living up to its promise of serving its stakeholders regardless of the circumstances. In this case,  the sourcing platform goes virtual to make for borderless connections among trade and specialty  contractors, construction-material and equipment suppliers, and other allied professionals. 

CITEM, FAME+ brands to showcase nature-inspired pieces at Philconstruct VX 1

CITEM brings in 10 of the country’s leading  manufacturers of world-class décor, furniture,  homeware, and lighting in the first-ever digital  edition of Philconstruct Virtual Expo 

CITEM Executive Director Pauline  

Suaco-Juan notes the way Philippine  designers and artisans relate to  materials as core to Philippine design 

The 10 brands, also housed in FAME+,  will showcase nature-inspired pieces  perfect for the modern Filipino home 

Launched in October 2020, FAME+ is CITEM’s  response to the evolving and rapidly digitizing  demands of trade and export.