PER ASPERA AD ASTRA: Gratitude in imperfection

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By Xenia S. Estrella

Are you thankful for what you have, no matter what situation you are in?  Do you realize that there is always plenty to be grateful for, even when things seem to be so bad?  It is important for each individual to have a clear view of the world even when problems tend to fog up the supposed clearest day.

Let’s face it.  It is very easy to find reasons to be cynical about life.  Finances are tight; deceitfulness in society exists.  Loved ones get sick; basically, bad things happen to good people. You don’t have to experience a whole lot of challenges to get disillusioned about kindness and trust.  There is so much sadness and difficulties happening in the world; it’s not difficult to lose sight of your blessings if you’re not careful, or, mindful.

What’s the point?

You are given two choices everyday.  You either accept and appreciate where you are despite any obstacle, or you worry and fall into despair whenever things don’t go your way.  Unfortunately, as you know, the world is not a perfect place.  When it comes to these choices, there is a big difference between naturally being bothered by situations as you think of ways to make things better for you and your family, and just sulking as you worry that you may not make it through each and every burden.

Where does worrying get you?

Nowhere; if you don’t work on getting over it.

I have found that my clients who want change but have spent so much time wallowing in grief and self pity (and particularly those clients who are angry, too) tend to say that they are ready to live better lives even when they can’t easily complete very simple exercises that I may give during a session.  Eventually, as we progress, and discoveries and potentials are found, more focus, eagerness and the ability to work better show up.

Neurological science has proven that the human brain cannot focus on two things at once.  This means that distress and gratitude cannot exist in the same mind space at the same time.  My clients, and any other human being, cannot be happy yet when the ability to let go of past hurts has not been exercised.

Worries and fears  cause so many to miss out on opportunities but the choice to be joyful and appreciative for what you do have still remains.  Allowing yourself to be more vulnerable and be with a grateful heart opens you up to seeing the world better, as a more beautiful place to be in.  

Gratitude is an expression of self-love because when you love yourself, well, you appreciate you; so, you can appreciate others, too.   Gratitude is also a skill that can be honed.  You don’t have to be from any of the Top 10 ranked countries in the World Happiness Report, to be appreciative.  It only takes a bit of awareness and practice.  

Start saying, “Thank you”, more often, today.  Oh; and mean it, ok?

Stay safe!

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