PER ASPERA AD ASTRA: Consistency is the week’s key

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By Xenia S. Estrella

“Without labor, nothing prospers.” Sophocles

Be it at work or in our personal lives, any goal can only be truly achieved with continued patience, determination and hard work.  The kind of hard work that does not falter; the type that can take on blows and the sort that takes pride in knowledge.

A person who wins a lottery and foolishly squanders his gains does not reach the goal of being materially rich if he finds himself rolling in money for only a few months, or years, but cannot remain financially secure in the long run.   

An entrepreneur who starts a business but fails to follow through on nurturing the endeavor runs the risk of ultimately losing that enterprise.

An individual seeking help for transformation compromises achieving that goal if he doesn’t hold himself accountable and consistently keeps himself in check.

Consistency refers to doing things regularly, without giving up. To be able to keep at it, you need to adopt a positive mindset that will allow you to see the beautiful future you want for yourself; to set you up for success.  You need to develop habits that will form new beliefs, which can ultimately conquer any fear inside you. It’s the only way winners will win, and the only way losers can turn the tables.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, but if you keep on learning, if you keep on doing and if you just keep on going even when life gets difficult, even when things are just taking so long, or, even when you still don’t know everything, then be assured that victory won’t be too far away.

Consistency is this week’s key, but know that it will always be a weapon for change.