Mercury Hackathon 2021 invites Filipino tech geeks and enthusiasts

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Up to USD ~$120,000 worth of FIL & FLOW tokens

Even before the pandemic, the Filipinos’ technological prowess is something that the world recognizes and is always on its radar given the infamous “Love Virus” that disrupted and infected millions of computers worldwide.

As Filipinos growing interest in technology continues, a lot of tech geeks are learning fast and becoming more passionate about technology. Their curiosity leads to innovation and the creation of many more tools.

With the pandemic continues to haunt the world, technology-related tasks and jobs become prevalent and in demand as work from home paves the way for tech-savvies to have more time and uninterrupted time and concentrate in addressing the current pandemic that affects a lot of businesses.

Now, Mercury Hackathon 2021 opened its door to Filipinos and invite interested individuals to join its 6-week virtual blockchain hackathon. Unlike other hackathon events, The Mercury Hackathon 2021 aims to bring together some of the most talented creators around the world to innovate and redefine boundaries.

Under the auspices of Filecoin, IPFS & Flow, this hackathon is hosted by AngelHack and Tribe and with up to US$120,000 worth of FIL & FLOW tokens to be given out across 14 prize categories, participants can choose to build and develop projects spanning NFTs and decentralized storage services.

Interested? You may register using this link: