Mekeni opens business opportunity for enterprising Pinoys, with its Home2Home Partners Program

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By Alithea De Jesus

With the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupts the world’s economy and continues to threaten job displacement due to business closure, many were caught flat-footed with the adverse effect of this crisis and did not know what to do.

This led to many enterprising Filipinos working on something that would provide them with a source of income for their family and the phenomenal growth of e-commerce in the Philippines continue to rise. But many admitted that it is challenging to just sell anything online. Others continue to search for business opportunities that are feasible, investment-friendly, and a market for the products.

Recently, the Garcia family decided to open the livelihood opportunity to the Filipino people through its Mekeni’s Home2Home Partners Program.

Having survived various crises in business such as Mt. Pinatubo eruption, Asian Financial Crisis, FMD, and allegation about ASF, the Philippines’ and Asia’s first ISO certified meat processing company is no stranger to challenges that affect not just their business but also their community in Barangay Balubad, Porac, Pampanga.

Thus, the Mekeni’s Home2Home Partners Program is a reseller program intended for those who wish to start their own home-based business. With its simple mission statement of we will rise by lifting others, the opening of reseller of Mekeni products is a living testimony that they are true to their mission.

For as low as P1,500, you can kickstart your own Mekeni reseller business. All you have to do is sign up via Mekeni’s Facebook page (www.facebook/mekeniph). Your application will undergo verification and assessment, and in a week, you may already start your business.

“We all have a role to play amid the pandemic; and for us here at Mekeni, it is all about making sure that our communities are given the opportunity to flourish and thrive even in the most difficult times. We will never get tired of helping this new breed of Pinoy entrepreneurs achieve their aspirations,” Prudencio Garcia, Mekeni president quipped.

To date, Mekeni has many successful resellers nationwide. Through its Home2Home Partners Program, it has helped a lot of unemployed and temporarily displaced workers affected by the pandemic. The company tapped its distributors all over the country to serve the demand.

“During the pandemic, we are grateful to Mekeni because we are able to also help those who temporarily lost their jobs by giving them an alternative source of income,” said Shiela Alfons, an exclusive distributor from Davao.

Another reseller, Jenalyn Silvestre of Tarlac said, “Mekeni has helped us a lot because it’s our primary source of income. Furthermore, we were helping our family get a job, and share also the opportunities of reselling to our friends, and our regular customers. Now are encouraged to sell especially this time of the pandemic.”

Apart from the individual resellers, Mekeni also looks into tapping dealers and wholesalers to be able to cater to more interested resellers nationwide.

Aside from income security, Mekeni’s Home2Home Partners Program can also be a good donation option. If you are looking to help Filipinos pull through this pandemic too just like Mekeni, you can gift the package to a beneficiary. The help is more long term as what you are giving them is a chance and hope to start their own business.

“There is always something you can do to help others. With our Home2Home Partners Program, we hope that we can spark inspiration and motivation to go on despite the challenges we are facing,” Garcia added.

If you are interested to become a Mekeni reseller or to donate a reseller package, send a message through Mekeni’s official Facebook page at to know more.