LIFE MATTERS: Is Christianity in the Philippines Threatened?

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By Dr Dennis Acop

There was a time when we took for granted a lot of things. We realize this when we lose the people or things we value most in life. Among these are our loved ones of course along with our health, youth, family, and others. But have we ever thought of losing even more than these I’ve identified. Have we thought for instance of losing our country and freedom? How about losing our Christian faith? To some, these may seem far-fetched. But are they really? For this piece, I would like to focus on an issue dear to my heart and to you too I know. And this is our faith in Almighty God. Is Christianity in the Philippines at peril?

The Duterte administration ushered in a new era that was never felt before in the nation’s long history. This era is the subjugation of the Philippines to China. Subservience to another country much stronger than it is, is nothing new to the Philippines. It was all of 333 years to Spain and half a century to the US. But these two occupiers were nothing near Communism when they invaded the Pearl of the Orient Seas. China is. And its collective leadership the Chinese Communist Party is not called such for nothing. If you think I am exaggerating or just out of my wits in thinking this, look around you and tell me what you see? Why are so many Chinese on our shores operating under the guise of ‘Philippine Off-Shore Gaming Operations’ (POGOs) established near our military camps? Why is so much real estate being bought by the Chinese here? Are there no limits to this? Why are we not doing anything about the land-grabbing done by China on our territories in the West Philippine Sea? Why have we gone against the favorable UNCLOS ruling against China? All evidences point toward a pivot to China away from long-time ally the US which is very dangerous to Philippine sovereignty and our Christian faith.

Unlike the US which is founded on the Christian God, China is Communist. Communism is an atheistic ideology that sees religion as an ‘opium of the people’ as its founder Karl Marx wrote. If you think Communism would not be hostile to Christianity or any religion for that matter, think again. Review your history and realize how many millions of people were purged by Communism along with how it banned religion of any kind. Even the ‘Christianity’ practiced in China is not the liturgical kind than it is a socialist hybrid religion of some kind. Are you following what I’m saying? Oh, I do not doubt that Christianity will survive as it has these past more than 2,000 years. It is the mystical body of the one true God after all. But it does not mean the Church will not suffer yet once again in the only bastion of the Kingdom in Asia.

And this is the point of discernment I wish to share to all of you my fellow Pinoy Christians this Holy Week of the 2nd pandemic year 2021. May we repent from our sins. Convert to the side of Christ. Join the Holy Army against the army of satan on earth. And if in the process we go through our own passion and death, then so be it. For at the end of this earthly battle lies our redemption: resurrection with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is no resurrection without pain, suffering, and death. The Lord Himself is our model. He is our way, our truth, and our Life. Christianity is the story of mankind. So have no fear. For salvation is at hand. In the way God prepares it for His people.