Legal claim against real estate magnate Robbie Antonio not necessary

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A group of business associates and suppliers of Jose Roberto “Robbie” Antonio, the Founder and CEO of Resident Holdings Group, a real estate developer, and managing director of Century Properties, filed a complaint against the businessman for alleged unfulfilled promises and or payments.

The group sought the help of the National Bureau of Investigation to initiate an investigation against Antonio and his 5 alleged cohorts who are his employees for alleged syndicated estafa.

Due to this controversy, Antonio decided to step down from the management team and board of Century Properties Group Inc. (CPG) about his own prefabricated housing company, Revolution Precrafted Properties Inc.

For his part, the embattled Antonio said that there is no reason to bring an action against him as he still continues to fulfill the obligations under their agreements and that he and his company are still in control of the situation.

A copy of the statement of Antonio was sent to THEPHILBIZNEWS by his lawyers headed by Atty. Howard Calleja of the Calleja law firm.