J&T celebrates ‘Lady Bosses’ with its VIP program support for growing Filipina Entrepreneurs

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Establishing a business in an economically challenged setting all by yourself isn’t a piece of cake. From conceptualization to actual leg work, J&T Express VIP program members and Filipina entrepreneurs testify that they have had their fair share of going through the eye of the needle. These women successfully built their own brands amid being alone in a big city, experiencing pregnancy struggles, and even while learning the ropes of motherhood—talk about girl power.

DJ Hanna, founder and owner of Davao-based beauty line Skinderella by DJ Hanna; Jenalyn Balisbisana, founder and owner of Mandaluyong-based ready-to-wear (RTW) apparel biz Zeisel Ann Olshop (Pilipinas Premium); and Natasia Louise Mira, founder and owner of Davao-based organic products dubbed as Organics by N have been continuously on top of their online-selling game as they exceed their quotas, reach more consumers, and take care of these clients through their partnership with J&T Express.

One woman birthing three beauty brands

DJ Hanna of Skinderella by DJ Hanna

At the ripe age of 22, DJ Hanna moved to Davao to pursue her dreams of being a radio disc jockey. Alone in her boarding room and away from her family, she thought of starting a business that was close to her heart. In 2017, despite receiving no immediate help from any of her relatives and friends, she was able to establish Skinderella by DJ Hanna, an all-natural beauty product line that has already branched out to two more brands, namely Hanna Banana Skin Essentials and Skinderella Wellness.

“I was once a one-woman team. It was difficult to start your business all alone. I didn’t even have much resources at that time, I didn’t have a car and office, nor did I have a WiFi connection,” DJ Hanna recalls. She reminisces that there was even a time that her sack of products suddenly got torn while inside a moving jeepney. “I felt so bad that I was picking up my scattered products on the highway. Drivers were honking their car horns so loudly and no one dared help me. I used that experience as my motivation to do better with my business,” DJ Hanna shares.

As of writing, DJ Hanna has already hundreds of resellers and gained a huge following on her social media accounts. She dreams of further expanding her business and visualizes herself as one of the most successful female “SHE-EO” (CEO) in the country.

Reaping success via RTW selling

Jenalyn Balisbisana of Zeisel Ann Olshop (Pilipinas Premium)

Jenalyn Balisbisana began her online shop Zeisel Ann Olshop (Pilipinas Premium) in 2019 as a side business. Her target customers were initially kids as she used to sell toys. At the height of the pandemic in 2020, she pivoted to a larger market after deciding to focus on selling RTW clothes as well as home appliances. On top of having a day job and being pregnant, Jenalyn managed to grow her business by doing Facebook Live selling which enabled her to reach customers from wherever in the country.

“I am determined to grow my business for my family. They are my inspiration, and they are my main reason to get up every day and strive hard with my business,” Jenalyn shares. In just a year, through her consistent perseverance and diligence, she was able to purchase a house and a family car.

Purposeful product, sustainable business

Natasia Louise Mira, Organics by

The same rings true for mother of two and a breastfeeding mom Natasia Louise Mira. During her first pregnancy, Natasia realized that there weren’t enough organic products that were suitable to women like her. It came as a lightbulb moment to her to establish Organics by N which offers organic, chemical free products that are friendly to pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, and teenagers who are experiencing skin-related anxieties.

“I aim to help those who are in need. I want to help everyone who has worries with their skin from head to toe, without exposing them to harsh and harmful chemicals,” shares Natasia.

Choosing the right logistics partner

In order for any online business to thrive, selecting a good logistics partner is a key towards success. For DJ Hanna, Jenalyn, and Natasia, J&T Express is the most suitable courier partner for their respective businesses. 

“We prefer them because of the quality service that they offer. It gives us hassle-free transactions because the riders themselves are the one who pick up the parcels on site,” shares Natasia. Jenalyn affirms this as she commends J&T Express’ affordability, convenience, and warm customer service. 

Apart from these, DJ Hanna also appreciates their customer-enaging promos, “Bukod sa mababait ang kanilang mga personnel, I also appreciate na they always have a lot of on-going promos or PR activities. As a consumer, I find it very fun and exciting!”  

More than just a courier service

With the large following of the businesses that these women have, their hundreds of daily transactions continue to grow over time, which is also heavily influenced by their courier partner. J&T Express saw the need to launch a VIP Program where clients can reap numerous benefits which give them the edge over other businesses.

In Natasia’s experience, she saw how her sales went up when she became a member of the J&T Express’ VIP Program. “We became J&T VIPs for more than a year now, and all I can say is that it really boosted our sales. Cash on delivery is always the first option of our clients. Without it, they will opt to look for others who offer such service,” Natasia shares. 

She adds that she is also enjoying the VIP Dashboard feature where sellers are able to check their shipment status and sales. “Even their SOA is always on time and never late,” Natasia emphasizes.

J&T Express’ VIP Program, launched in March 2019, offers its members various perks such as special discount rates, a VIP dashboard account where they can manage transactions, COD options, and free pickup services. As of writing, there are already thousands of VIP clients, just like DJ Hanna, Jenalyn, and Natasia, and the number of these successful entrepreneurs in the program continue to rise.

Empowering fellow Filipina entrepreneurs

Envisioning their businesses in the future, all three women say that they will expand their customer base to reach more areas in the country with the help of J&T Express.

Regardless of whether business women or female entrepreneurs are alone during their  business’ Day Zero or are in the midst of experiencing personal struggles, DJ Hanna believes that “women who are committed to achieve their dreams, when challenged and even despite the hardships, will thrive even more.”

For more information about J&T Express VIP Program, visit the website:https://www.jtexpress.ph/. Entrepreneurs who wish to become a part of the VIP Program may do so by filling out this online form:  bit.ly/JNTVIPForm2021.