HOWIE SEE IT: Who is a hero?

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By Atty. Howie Calleja

Like Andres Bonifacio and all the other heroes that can come before us, now more than ever we need a hero. During the Spanish, American and Japanese colonialization the “enemy” was clear; however, in our post-truth era marred by disinformation and fake news the enemy hides within us. When corruption and abuse is disguised as public service, we need a hero who expose such wickedness and champion the cause of the voiceless; and when a “Manchurian” Candidate is elected into public office only to serve the dictates of its foreign benefactors, we need a hero who will fight for the interest of our motherland and not mainland China.

If having a hero means inspiring and unifying a nation regardless of geographical location, social status, gender, educational attainment, religion and ideological leaning, then who we need are Heroes. We need people whose seemingly nondescript acts extraordinarily impacted our lives, and without all the fanfare of a Hero’s Welcome and high-profile media coverage continue to be a beacon of hope in the continuing transformation of the world around us. But WHO IS A HERO?

Who is a Hero? A Hero is a “Person of Courage” … A true hero is someone who is brave enough to fight for the conviction of his/her beliefs. Even to the point of offering one’s own life in the fulfillment of one’s work in the service of others. This fearlessness which characterizes the heart of a hero then inspires others to face the challenges of life. He/She is like our audacious COVID-19 Frontliners who on a day-to-day basis would even risk their own lives just to protect the sanctity of LIFE against this pandemic and health crisis. We owe our frontliners an eternal debt of gratitude. Surely, they and their families will reap manifold blessings for their good deeds. That is their just reward. We shall continue to pray for your safety. Together we are stronger. We shall overcome this calamity as one united nation.

Who is a Hero? A Hero is a “being for others” … A true hero selflessly offers oneself for the sake of another especially those in need. As such this Hero is a “defender of the voiceless” … A true hero fights for those who are neglected by society and are considered insignificant to the wellbeing of a community as a whole. Similarly, VP Robredo’s desire to empower people at the fringes of society, called the “laylayan”, building from the bottom up — is what gives her the moral ascendancy to be 1SAMBAYAN’s Candidate and Electoral Hero.

Who is a Hero? A Hero is a “Person of Vision” … A true hero is one who liberates society from blind adherence to the status quo. A hero helps us break free from the narrow confines of certain social structures that threaten viable avenues for growth and development by presenting the vast potentials lying before us. Such a Hero will be willing to fight for the “common good” that would breakdown the traditional barriers of corrupt and incompetent political dynasties.

Who is a Hero? Lastly, A Hero is someone who “Inspires the Hero in Us” … I believe that within every Filipino is the capacity for greatness and propensity to stand up for truth, justice and freedom. All we need is that spark from another Hero who will bring out the “best” and “selflessness” in us. We need that Hero who will lead us and our country out of the debacle this administration has brought us into. We need to stand up as one nation of Heroes for the good of our motherland.

We need HEROES … he may be a friend, classmate, co-worker, family member, loved one … or within us. All we need is to find the desire to be an instrument of change in the lives we desire to touch and transform, and with the conviction to pursue this vision moves heaven and earth to bring all things to reality.