HOWIE SEE IT: The Pink Mania

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By Atty. Howie Calleja

VP Robredo’s pink will go head-to-head versus the Marcoses’ traditional red, Similarly in the U.S., where it surfaced last year as the color of activism ahead of the recent presidential election, political pink epitomizes the combined hopes of those in the multi-sectoral opposition who, despite differences in political ideologies or social classes, ultimately agree that the governing type of leadership must end once and for all in 2022.

Right after her 15-minute speech last October 7 announcing her presidential bid, social media instantaneously turned pink. On Facebook, profile photos showed bright pink photo frames. SMEs on Instagram, from those selling RTWs to small candies, began sharing their pink products. Private entities and public personalities shared photos where they wore pink clothes and other images blanketed in pink filters. VP Robredo claimed that while her team didn’t really plan on using an official color to symbolize her campaign, her supporters have practically made the choice for her — a campaign symbol emanating from the people themselves.

VP Robredo’s candidacy is worth the wait. Provoked by the public’s deep disappointments with Mr. Duterte’s incompetence in handling the pandemic aggravated by corruption, her popularity has burst into the open, with the Pink Mania booming. VP Robredo drew from a well of leadership practices used by her late husband, Jesse, a former mayor of Naga City in Camarines Sur. It was his fiscal discipline that taught VP Robredo how to use the scanty budget of the vice president’s office to reach people in need most especially during this COVID-19 Health Crisis. Robredo’s desire to empower people at the fringes of society, called the “laylayan”, building from the bottom up — is what differentiates her pink supporters from traditional loyalists of other presidential wannabes.

For VP Robredo, the color pink is a symbol of faith, a moral guidepost to victory. No wonder, that in a national survey from the Flagship Catholic Radio Station in the Philippines dubbed as the Veritas Truth Survey, the 2,400 respondents when asked “Who do you think among the current presidential aspirants for the 2022 National Elections adhere to Catholic Values and Beliefs?” revealed that VP Robredo got the highest score at 37%, which was followed by Former Sen. Marcos, Jr. at 27%, Sen. Lacson at 19%, Mayor Moreno at 9%, then by Sen. Dela Rosa, Mayor S. Duterte, Sen. Go and Sen. Pacquiao all of which at 1%; and finally, 4% of which said None of the Above.

Truly, this euphoric pink mania and atmosphere are driven by the hope that finally we would no longer have to choose from a lesser evil. If in the past we had to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea, now in the persona of VP Leni we have a presidential candidate with the moral ascendancy to lead this nation out of a corrupt and inept Post-Duterte regime. A candidate like VP Leni that does not come from any family dynasty nor with any history of corruption is what our motherland needs. Her legislative and executive background backed by a good family and educational background will be of great service to our nation. Be a “kakaPINK” today, and onwards to the 2022 Polls with a candidate the Philippines truly deserves and one we all can be proud of.