Entrepreneurs welcome food business opportunities from SMC’s Great Food Solutions

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The Great Food Solutions ready-to-eat launched to help food business owners and budding entrepreneurs
Photo collage by THEPHILBIZNEWS

By Victoria “NIKE” De Dios

In its desire to help food business owners and budding entrepreneurs, San Miguel Foods through its foodservice arm Great Food Solutions (GFS), launched a ready-to-eat (RTE) line that is aimed at helping them gain more convenience and efficiency in running their business.  

This new RTE line under the Cook Express and Chef’s Selection brands offer fully cooked dishes that can easily be customized to suit the customers’ tastes.   

Currently there are 11 viands available such as Beef Tapa, Bistek, Dinuguan, Kare-Kare, Lechon Paksiw, Chicken Karaage, Chili Con Carne, Callos, Chicken Pastel, Korean Beef Stew, and Chicken Hardinera. Meanwhile, Chef’s Selection, which is the company’s premium ready-to-cook brand, expanded its category with its very first RTE product—the Fresh Corned Beef. Other existing products under the brand include Angus Burger, Chorizo Hamonado Patty, and Chicken Tocino.  

All RTE viands are slow cooked, made with 100% real meat from Magnolia poultry and Monterey Meats, and use Individually Quick Freeze (IQF) technology for sealed-in freshness and 100% food safety assurance. 

“The food innovations of our RTE products offer minimal investment, consistency in quality and taste, reduced waste, and convenience. Food entrepreneurs can take advantage of this line to expand their own food offerings,” says Helene Pontejos, VP and General Manager of San Miguel Foods-Great Food Solutions. 

Owners of quick service restaurants, cafeterias, neighborhood cafes or even home-based food businesses who are looking to add more items to their menu now have a ready-made baseline that they can further customize with other ingredients to enhance and personalize.  

Beyond helping food entrepreneurs, GFS’ RTE line was also designed for modern working-class individuals and families who are constantly looking for more ways to save time in their daily routines.  

“Today’s consumers are always on the lookout for more grab and go food options that are still full in flavor. This RTE line gives them a taste of homecooked meals, minus the complexities,” says Helene. 

The Cook Express and Chef’s Selection RTE line come in 500-gram microwaveable tubs or one-kilogram packs. They are available at Petron Treats and The Mall online market (https://themall.sanmiguel.com.ph).  

For business opportunity inquiries, you may call Great Food Solutions at (02) 8632-2000.  

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