Digitalinnov gears up to provide digital marketing solutions for biz owners

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Contributed and photo by Ariel  A. Obera

Filipinovation has become a buzzword even before the advent of pandemic as the country continues to rise in the Global Innovation Index.

On several occasions, the Filipinos ingenuity and innovation have provided solutions to many challenges in the business, health, technology and many other societal problems that need not just a stop-gap or quick-fix solution, but rather a long-term answer.

Milo Sandig, Chief Executive Officer of Digitalinnov

Thus, this led to many Filipino innovators to rise and shine in the realm of technology and innovation and one of them is the unassuming CEO of Digitalinnov, Milo Sandig.

Sandig. noted that the combination of digital craftsmanship and innovative thinking delivers disruptive digital solutions on a worldwide scale. This is what Digitalinnov has been working on converting each problem into opportunities, with each company roadblock and transformation treated with an open mind, world-class approach, and passionate spirit.

The company’s mission is to create optimized digital marketing strategies and innovative technologies specifically for go-getters craving to develop valuable online presence.

“We believe that digital marketing should be a simple, easy and enjoyable process. Digital Marketing is starting to become a must for companies and the challenge that they face is the algorithm that’s ever-changing,” Sandig explained.

“Our primary target market is big businesses, and we want to help them perform well in their business. We tend to work best with companies that are results-driven and interested in setting realistic goals and meeting objectives,” Sandig added.

A look at Digitalinnov’s services leads one to things that so matter these days: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Ready Website Development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Online Reputation Management, UX/UI/IA, Application Development, Social Media Marketing, YouTube Optimization, Digital Branding, and Penetration Testing.

Its newest services are Tele-Medicine, Electric Vehicle, and Digital Media TV.

For YouTube Optimization for example, Sandig noted, “We have the knowledge you need to successfully optimize your YouTube account and content to obtain first page rankings. If your account is properly monitored, YouTube optimization will lead to unimaginable revenue.

As for Online Reputation Management, Digitalinnov assures to lead the way, keeping the conversation on strong points for increase in brand awareness and revenue eventually.

Speaking about digital branding, Sandig argued, “You should always remember that your digital brand should be consistent across all online platforms. Many businesses have a conflicting message that confuses customers and harms their reputation. 

Through our digital branding services, we’ll create a uniform message that helps to promote your image as a true professional and authoritative figure in your industry.”

Asked to elaborate on SEO-Ready Website, he said that it is one that “adapts to the user’s device, optimized meta descriptions, keyword targeted contents, prioritized content readability, optimized keyword tags, organized internal link structure, and improved page load time.

Track record-wise, with five industry awards won and 2,100-plus of #1 ranked keywords achieved on google for its clients, Digitalinnov has provided great, not-so-average results, with 150% website traffic increase, 250% increase in social media followers, and 420% increase in website leads.

It has garnered licenses and certificates from Google Developers Agency Program Certified Agency, Google Adwords Certified Partner, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint Certified Planner, CDM, Cryptors, Certified Specialist UI/UX Design in Creative Nation Academy, and Adobe Certified Expert After Effects.