BUSINESS MENTOR: Constructing A Tailored Identity to Your Business

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By Armando “BUTZ” Bartolome

For those who are new in business, particularly in retail and food businesses, they usually come across challenges in establishing their identity. Some worry about not being able to present themselves the way they want it to be since they think that their ideas have already been used by others. Although it may seem true, it should not be a reason to be discouraged. There are truly a lot of businesses around us. However, no two businesses are the same. You may be in the food business just like the one across from your store, but both of you differ from each other when it comes to qualities.

You, being a business owner, have your own personality traits, beliefs, and passion. And through these, you can be able to build your own business identity from it. Therefore, branding is an essential part of building your business.

What is branding?

Branding is more than the logo that represents your company, or the “who we are” found on your website. It is a business plan that sums up the company’s marketing and the characteristics that allow your company to be distinct to become profitable. To develop your brand, you must create a strong identity that will distinctly resonate with customers and eventually encourage conversion to your services. Making the right branding will essentially generate awareness, promote loyalty, and serve as an integral part of any well-conceptualized marketing plan.

Focus on the following:

  • List down all your traits and skills that provide you an advantage over your competitors. Example: Do you offer high-quality materials? Are you into eco-friendly production methods?
  • Similarly, list the areas where you can improve on. Example: Are your prices competitive enough to match the quality of products and services that you offer? Do you have financial limitations? Is your lead time longer than that of others?
  • Find ways on how you can improve customer experience than your competitors. Example: Do you have products or services that are different from your competitor?
  • Go over some external obstacles that could prevent you from meeting your business goals. Look into the trends or the latest technology that could affect your business.

Customers have varying needs. So, it is highly impossible to be of service to everyone. Emphasize your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. Customers are likely to patronize your products and services if you provide exactly what you think they need. Learn to make a distinctive mark that would easily be associated with your brand.

Never assume that you know what truly matters to your customers. To make it easier for you to identify what your customers need, talk to them and ask about their insights regarding your business in comparison to your competitors. Gather as much information from various sources like conducting interviews, surveys, checking on sales data, research, and most especially your competitors’ websites.

It is also helpful to talk to your sales staff and managers. Somehow, employees have insight about the common obstacles that prevent a sale. Therefore, it is also important that the employees are trained in a way that can provide a positive tone when selling your products and services. Some employees may just stop pursuing a customer once the customer declines. But, there are ways on how your employees can turn the tables around – by simply emphasizing the advantages of a certain product or service than merely pushing a product without a basis.

Customers want to feel important as soon as they step inside your store. Providing a great customer service promotes your business in a positive way- you increase your customer base as well as increase your revenues. Providing a great customer service does not stop when a customer has already availed a product or service. The use of social media platforms is an effective tool in reaching out to your customers. Similarly, having a user-friendly website that also has an after-sales service, encourages visitors to become loyal customers.

Constructing a tailor-made identity

You can never be wrong when you start a business that you are truly knowledgeable about. Keep in mind that to sustain a business, you need to work on it. It is not enough that you have the financial means to build a business. It is a series of late-night meetings of conceptualizing and designing a business plan that everyone will benefit from.

  • Your passion and beliefs are the things that separate you from your competitors. Use them wisely in building your business identity.
  • Do things that are close to your heart. You can only become successful at something that you do if both your heart and mind are into it.
  • Be more flexible. You may have started out with a business with certain strategies in mind. However, times change, therefore, you also need to keep up with those changes. There should always be a room for improvement.

Whether your business is large or small, strategizing your marketing to strengthen your brand identity will pay off in time. An improved company image and increase revenue are valuable aspects of any business plan.

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