UNCENSORED: Vietnam’s new strain

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First of the two parts
By Manuel L. Morato

About two weeks ago, “New more infectious coronavirus strain was discovered in Da Nang, Vietnam.  According to the news from Vietnam, “…Da Nang’s recent community transmission cases belong to a new, more contagious strain of foreign origin, genetic analysis revealed.”  Vietnam has recorded “five strains.”  The present strain we are going through is the 6th strain, according to acting Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long, acting Minister of Health.  This new strain came from outside of Vietnam.  The country of origin is yet unknown.  I’ll take a guess.  Where else?  From the country of origin from the very beginning.

GeneXpert, a tuberculosis test gives accurate results for both Covid-19 and tuberculosis.  “Results are available in 35-45 minutes,” according to Nguyen Viet Nhung, director of the National Lung Hospital in Hanoi who said that the “test is similar to RT-PCR, gives accurate results for both Covid-19 and tuberculosis.”

Could the present “spike” we are having possibly come from Vietnam which is more vicious than the first round last March?

All these happenings simply tell us na huwag tayo masyadong umasa sa bakuna.

As things are with multiple-strains appearing only indicate that no vaccine can cope up with 6 different strains.  We don’t need to be an expert to arrive at such a conclusion because even one different strain from what the present vaccines are addressing can possibly remedy the problem the world is facing.  With one strain, it would take at least a year or two to make it testing safe.  What more with six strains all together?  There is no vaccine that can address six strains at the same time, as I know it.  One different strain alone can make a difference.

Overgenerous countries that say will help our people among the first to get the vaccine might lead to a similar Dengvaxia incident where the Philippines was made “a testing ground” where 4th graders were chosen as “test kits” and caused the loss of many precious lives.  It happened in the past as a ground for testing Dengvaxia vaccines where thousands died from several countries tested for falling into the trap that was supposed to cure them, protect them, and keep them alive.  But it did not turn out that way.  On the contrary, the vaccine caused deaths instead of keeping them alive about the dengue virus they were suffering from.

Let us not fall into a trap as what happened before with the Dengvaxia vaccines which the government then paid billions of pesos to harm our children who were 4th graders.  That was a costly experiment for the government.  Money over-ruled the safety of the unknown vaccine.

Countries that offer to “help” us might have a catch to it either in the form of the effectiveness of the vaccine or to make money from the vaccines.  But to me, I am more concerned about using our people to test the effectivity or efficacy of the vaccine as some laboratories have used Africa as testing ground zero where thousands of people died from the vaccine injected on them.  This is what we must avoid.  Let the manufacturers of the vaccine test their newfound vaccines on their own people, not on others.  By so doing, the manufacturer can show to the world that their vaccine is safe by injecting their own family members first as well.  That will show more confidence in their product.  Trying it on others lessens credibility on the vaccine.

According to the latest news, Russia has successfully developed a vaccine against the Coronavirus. I can believe that I’ve known Russian scientists to be among the best in the world.  The fact remains that the Russian scientists were among the scientists from the countries around the world who helped Dr. Lawrence, the American scientist who discovered the miracle molecule that outsmarts diseases called Transfer Factor.

During our term in the PCSO, we cured so many patients suffering from cancer, dengue, and other diseases and viruses.  It’s tested and proven.  It is all over the world; and Russian President Putin was the first to sign a law making Transfer Factor to be given to cancer patients for free.

I brought this matter up to the PCSO in 2007 for I’ve used Transfer Factor since 2005 to cure cancer and dengue patients cured in two days by taking only 12 capsules costing only about 600 pesos.  It used to cost PCSO 150K to 200K per patient hospitalized.  But the distributor arrived in the Philippines only in 2007 called “4Life.”

I am using Transfer Factor Plus against the COVID 19 which is proven to kill viruses.  As a matter of fact, it’s tried and tested.  It’s organic and one cannot suffer from overdose nor toxicity.

I don’t mean to intrude on pharmaceutical products for Transfer Factor Plus complements medications given to patients in the hospital.  Transfer Factor Plus at most enhances the pharmaceutical products and does not at all go against it.

I wonder if the Russian scientists have extracted from the molecules contained in the Transfer Factor, knowing that the Transfer Factor molecules are geared towards bad cells and viruses.  I won’t be surprised; and if indeed the Russian vaccine is derived from the Transfer Factor molecules, then no matter how many strains there are, the Russian vaccine will definitely surpass other laboratories’ vaccines.

And if I may add, what is comforting on the Russian vaccines, they have had absolutely no link with the U.S. group who concocted whatever and used the Wuhan laboratory which (they say) tinkered with a virus that “escaped.”  And what people worldwide are most concerned about is the “chip” that some Americans in the know are talking about.  What is bothersome is the fact that it was discussed in Davos in 2019 and referred to the new order “The Great Reset: Davos and the Plot to cancel Trump” so they can clone the American system of democracy to a demo-crazy one!

This Great Reset (or new order) will be disastrous for the United States of America as what Michael J. Matt of “Remnant TV” host – The Editor’s Desk RTV had said.

Watch it on Youtube.com.  Mr. Michael Matt is one of the most outstanding commentators I have ever seen.  His thoroughly analytical mind and excellent insights are worth listening to for he is right.  I must say every American must listen to Mr. Matt’s TV program “The Editor’s Desk RTV.”

Every American must know what they are up to this coming presidential election this November.  Make no mistake for if you do, the United States of America can lose it is being the greatest country in the world; and I must say, that all countries that adhere to the greatness of America, as a nation, must join hands with President Donald Trump in this coming election for he alone reads the minds of his opponents in planning to destroy what America stood for since its foundation day in 1776.

* * * * *

Mag-ingat po sa mga gumaya sa imported face-shields kasi itong imported ay TED safe po called Polytrotelene.  It’s food-grade po at safe.

Pag Polytrotelene po ang plastic, also called TED, that is the safest of all plastics in the world.  Yan po ang ginagamit sa container ng mineral water, beberon ng babies… pati food grade yong lalagyan ng pagkain or food container.

Ang mangfe-fake ng face shield, mag-ingat po kayong gumamit ng recycled plastic at yan po’y cancerous.  So ingat po.

Ang masasabi ko lang, idaan lahat sa Food and Drug Administration or FDA.  Hindi po biro ang paggamit ng plastic.  Ang food grade lang na tinatawag na TED or Polytrotelene ang safe at food grade.  Ang recycled plastic po ay highly cancerous.

Avoid face shields not FDA approved.

* * * * *

Erratum: In my previous column, “Almost self-inflicted,” the face shields cost 8 to 10 pesos in China, not one to two dollars.  I was informed by a reader of this column and quoted the price of 8 to 10 pesos, landed in Manila.  That is what these face shields cost in China.  I stand corrected.  The dollar price was not mentioned at all.

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