UNCENSORED: Vietnam’s new strain

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Last of the two parts
By Manuel L. Morato

My previous column entitled “Vietnam’s new strain” touched on the safe and unsafe recycled plastic which is cancerous; and I mentioned TED or Polytrotelene plastic is food grade and safe; not cancerous such as the face shields now in style.  Safe yan.

There are other plastics however na hindi food grade called polymer plastic na ginagamit sa laruan, silya at iba pang gamit. 

Recall that years ago, ang daming sinunog na laruan ng mga bata made of polymer plastic painted and colored with paint with very high led content.  All toy stores were inspected and confiscated the plastic toys heavily loaded with led that is so dangerous to our children because of its high led content na very cancerous.  Dapat pagpasok pa lang sa Customs, pigilan na.

Tama lang.  Kaya it is very important that toys that are not branded na gawa lang sa mga hindi kilalang “toy makers” called imitators out to make money are putting our children in great danger.  Dapat talaga dumaan muna sa Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the good of our children, poor innocent children na walang alam na cancerous pala yong kanilang laruan na madalas kinakagat-kagat pa nila; at humahawa sa mga kamay ng mga bata ang cancerous elements such as led.

When I was heading the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO); and during my second time appointment by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, nagtataka po ako kung bakit biglang dumami ang mga batang may cancer which we hardly heard of before.  Could it have come from the plastic toys they play with?  Or plastic toother; or other plastic wares?

Kayo na po mga ina at ama ang mag-isip tungkol dito at ang mga bata ay walang kamalay-malay kung ano ang dahilan kung bakit sila ay nagkakasakit ng cancer no less!

I wonder if in this administration is monitoring cancerous toys and other plastic gadgets continue in their mission to protect our children?  I hope so.  The children are helpless and we must come to their rescue.  The government department must be on constant alert for cancer is one difficult and painful illness to suffer from.

Plastic is a toxic material, lalo na pag recycled.  The toy box must carry the FDA diamond logo.  Pati ang electrical products such as Christmas lights, electrical laboratory must force distributors to put for INDOOR or OUTDOOR in the box at dapat may tatak sa kahon ng expiration.  Pag wala, peke.  Just be careful for some plastic such as the recycled ones have strong led content.

Are all these importers/exporters getting import/export licenses from the Central Bank?  Or are they getting away with it?

During my term in the Movie & Television Review & Classification Board (MTRCB), all export/import of films must get a license from the Central Bank.  Lahat ang pelikula na gawa sa Pilipinas must get an export license to send to other countries; and likewise films imported from outside to the Philippines.  A movie can destabilize a government and the MTRCB must be on the look-out.  I was most on the lookout right after the Edsa revolution in 1986 when I was appointed MTRCB Chairman in 1986.  There were films trying to destabilize the country.  I saw to it that no film passes the MTRCB that was not appropriate to the times we were in.

To give an example, the controversial film on tape shown by Mrs. Leni  Robredo abroad that insulted the President and the present administration did so much harm.  That tape showed abroad needed a review from the Movie & Television Review & Classification Board or MTRCB for short before it can be taken out of the country.  To think that the MTRCB kept quiet on their duty and obligation.  Follow the law!

Like films on tape shown by the TV stations must pass the MTRCB before review and permit if not harmful to the public.  In like manner, films on tape for public exhibition need a permit from the MTRCB for public exhibition,

For the private exhibition, we don’t give a damn.  Whatever they watch in the privacy of their bedrooms, the MTRCB does not meddle with such perverts.

The MTRCB’S main mandate is to regulate any material that runs on film, for TV and cinemas… anything that is meant for public exhibition.   

I hope lahat itong pumapasok at lumalabas ng ating bansa ay dumadaan lahat sa Central Bank or we might end up being a waste basket of the world where anything and everything under the sun are sent into our country the illegal way. Pati nga basura naitambak sa atin galing sa ibang bansa.  We will lose quality control; and more than that, end up being “lax” on prohibited products entering our country.  It could become a bad habit, ruining our country and driving our economy down the river.

I hope the importation of toys will be strictly regulated. We know that lead is so detrimental to health not only to our children but also to all of us who could be affected by led that is cancerous because of its led contents on toys and other goods made abroad being dumped in our country; smuggled in most probably.  They say that we are a very laxed country when it comes to smuggling things in.  It calls for love of country and good and patriotic people to control these laxities.  Health-wise, there are products that are deadly, and ruinous to the economy; and harmful to health or health hazards.

Allow me to go Taglish for I am basically addressing the majority of our people who need to be cautioned and cared for like our OFWs as well all over the world.  We cannot just continue taking care of ourselves.  We are all duty-bound to care for each other.  What is good for me, must also be good to others.  Life is a two-way street.  No one can nor should have the monopoly of things done his or her way.  Life is meant to be lived the right way – for all; and not selfish at all.  Think of the others as you would want them to think of you.

Politicians are primarily selfish people as well as those around them who’d want us to keep thinking of them even if we don’t want to for there are many of them who are not worthy of where they are now.

Just a few words, a reminder from a non-politician; take it or leave it: I am not comfortable faking my way through as others do.

Let politicians go their way for at the end of the day, they too will be judged.  By then, they will not need our votes at all!  Instead, they will have to do the Mea Culpa.

Sorry, but my sisters and I suffered from some politicians who have no sense of right or wrong at all.  We never thought it could happen to us.

For comments and suggestions email at mlmorato@yahoo.com

UNCENSORED: Vietnam’s new strain